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In our hearts, we know that hardly anybody reads this page. We hope, however, that the people listed below discover it and that they realize they played important parts in this endeavor. Anthology seems to be taking on life of its own-one that's bigger than both of us; one that reflects Tarleton; and one that renews or faith in the creativity of our students.

We would like to thank:

  • FMC of Stephenville, Texas, for their generous contribution which provided $100 grants for the Editors' Choice recipients
  • Mary Anne Foreman and James Gresham for their photographic assistance
  • Tarleton State University Student services for considering Anthology important enough to include it in their funding
  • Koy Floyd and the Institutional Advancement staff for their interest in the successful promotion of Anthology
  • Mallory Young and the Department of English and Languages for continued patience and support
  • Sharon Seelig, Marc Davis, and the Tarleton Art Department for facilitating and soliciting many of our art submissions
  • Tom Pilkington for his excellent connections and his capable panning of TSU's Creative Writing Day
  • The Tarleton State University Printing Center for technical assistance and professional advice
  • Chuck Williams of Desktop Graphic Systems for his incredible patience and production expertise
  • Work Study students Marie Moore and Terri Williams for their data entry
  • Tarleton State University Student Publications for making office space available to our staff
  • Dennis McCabe, B.J. Alexander, and Wanda Mercer for believing in our future
  • Our student who have accommodated themselves to our impossible schedules
  • Our families who continue to love us during deadlines
Benneda Konvicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors