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We celebrate Tarleton's 100 years with this edition of Anthology. Congratulations to our staff and our contributors for being part of Tarleton State University's history. We are again fortunate to have received much generous support and expertise by those we have listed here. They make it possible for Anthology to continue to establish a history of its own. In addition, we would like to thank our families, friends, colleagues, and students who have suffered through deadlines right along with us.

  • FMC of Stephenville, TX
  • Steve Austin
  • Dennis McCabe, Staff, and B.J. Alexander
  • Wanda Mercer and TSU Student Services
  • Koy Floyd, Staff, Institutional Advancement, and Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc.
  • Mallory Young, Mary Etzel, and Student Advisory Council
  • Tom Pilkington, University Scholar
  • Sharon Seelig and Mark Davis, TSU Art Department
  • Chuck Williams, Desktop Graphic Systems
  • Don Whitten, TSU Printing
Benedda Konvicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors