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Since this is the seventh year that we have published Anthology, you would think that we would now have a keen eye for potential problems and a well-refined, systematic method for eradicating them quickly. That’s not the case. In actuality, when problems arise, we have intense panic attacks, scream and curse, fall apart, and then call in reinforcements. The first line of assistance is on the home front. Husbands Jimmie and Charlie have mastered the art of mind reading; they know when we’re best left alone. Resilient children Marlow and Chaz know not to ask, “What’s for dinner?” or “Do I have clean clothes?” when deadline approaches. Less domestic, but equally critical, assistance comes from all the people listed below whom we’ve called on for help, support, and expertise. Thanks.

FMC Leah Schultz
Steve McKenzie  
Mallory Young Tom Pilkington
Mary Etzel Sam Dodson
Sharon Seelig Mark Holtorf
Marc Davis Drama Department
The Ultra Club
Andra Madkins and Multicultural Services
Donna Strohmeyer and the Student Activities Staff
Koy Floyd and the Institutional Development Staff
Tarleton State University Student Services
President Dennis McCabe
and our Anthology Staff

Benedda Konvicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors