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The Kiss of Your Tear

Joshua Bradford



The Kiss of Your Tear

These lyrics are to be sung throughout the form twice.

The night that Love walked out on me
and intruded our long-time ling'ring affair,
Your eyes were drunk with toxic love
as you whispered his mem'ry in the air.
So I walked out on you and me
with our mem'ry and the kiss of your tear.

Jealousy can make you see things
never dreamed before,
But the image of you and him just would not leave
my mind alone.

Then I searched almost ev'rywhere 
for a hint of the eyes of Love found in you.
But Love had just become a game
between what is real and what's new.
Oh, I'd given up all hope of ever finding love,
then remembered the kiss of your tear.

(Instrumental break - 12 bars)

Eyes opened to a world I'd never ever
dreamed before.
With eyes shut, you saw the same thing.
I swear that's everything.

And now we know a dream's just a dream,
or maybe a dream's never really what is seems.
And now there's just one thing to do 
as a nightingale sings with the breeze.
Oh, I've found the eyes of Love in you,
and I've found myself in the kiss of your tear!