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John C. Bullion


Rise, you wretched old souls
You feeble kneed forefathers
You disenchanted delegates
You undeserving imbeciles
Rise and take part in this Revolution!
Rise, you forgotten fairytalers
You tormented tantalizers of temptation
You wayward women of the world
Rise and join in such Nobel Cause!
Rise, you withering wild flowers
You poetic poets of the past
You integrated interlopers
You sacrificed lamb of life
Rise and bring with you your Rage!
Rise, you lifeless life takers
You loveless life givers
You lawless lawmakers
Rise to the dawning of a New Age!
Rise, you easygoing existentialists
You broken down beggars
You begotten beatniks
You restless romantic writers of poetry
Rise to your feet and behold!

Rise, you howlers
And ask the question . . .
Are we not the freest of the free?
Are we not the proudest of the proud?
Are we not the bravest of the brave?
And are we not the purest of the pure?
Why not? Do tell!

Rise, all of you
And Rebel!
Yes Rebel!
But not against Jehovah
And not against Buddha
Nor against the Muslims or Jews
But rise in rebellion against the enemy
Against the corruption and the greed
Which is being filtered into every aspect of our lives.
Against oppression and repression
Against the notion that man
Is not worthy of 
Divine intervention.
Against racism and indifference
Against pollution and destruction
Against whatever is rubbing you wrong.

Rise, you folk lore fountain of youthers
You enlightened environmentalists
You fascist fundamentalists
Rise and be counted among those Accused!
Rise, you cyber space cowboys
You organized on-liners
You computer age convicts
You world wide Webbers
Rise and weave your web of deceit!
Rise, you angelically aided ancestors
You cold callous caregivers
You bold bloody battle-fielders
Rise to fight yet another War!
Rise, you lily-livered land lovers
You soaked soled seafarers
You air-born astronauts
You Wheat-field warriors
Rise with the Tides of Change!
Rise, you hypocritical hyenas
You lovers of life lingering
You despisers of deaths dreadful deeds
Rise and take a bow,
It’s curtains for you all!
Rise, you formulating factualists
You bible-wielding baby boomers
You preaching politicians so proper
You so-called saviors of self worth & sanity
Rise, as does a hot air balloon!

Rise, you followers of fanatics
You leaders of lost souls
You middle men of mediocrity
Rise to a new level of equality!
Rise, you creators of chaos
You destroyers of decency
You supporters of such a sickened society
You deafened do gooders, you daylight dreamers
Rise and awake those numbed senses of yours!
Rise, you miserably morbid maniacs
You toneless teacup tippers
You contemptuous coffee house characters
Rise on demand, I command you!
Rise, you bloused in betrayal
You clothed in conceit
You shadowed in sarcastic Sinicism
You eclipsed elliptical equalitist
Rise to the surprise in your eyes!
Rise, you gnashed teeth narcissus
You latent lunar lunatics
You sons of shining suns
Rise before daybreak and run!
Rise, you closet compassion seekers
You dimpled simpletons
You closed-minded 
You blinded nonbelievers
You lounge lizard lovers
Rise up from those couches, which comfort you!

Rise, you I have neglected to mention
You I have forgotten
You rotten
You who have slid beneath
The cracks of societies’ sidewalks
Rise with me won’t you all stand tall!

Rise, you homeless, toothless, faithless,
Mother, father, brother, sister,
Son, daughter, niece, and nephew,
Or you stranger in danger
Of succumbing to the elements
Rise now in your own defense!
Rise up against such absurdity!
Rise up, just rise and hurry!

Rise, you great state of mine
You whimsical wanter of wishes
You stimulating sexual showpiece
You crowded old corner stone cathedral
Rise, before it’s too late, don’t wait
Rise you starry-eyed suckers
You road rashed rounders
You homesick sufferers
Rise to your true potential for
in your life!