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Heather Carmichael


BLACK SCREEN: noise in background: clatter of dishes, voices talking, children's voice.

LEGEND: (slow fade in and out) BEOWULF

Older Woman's Voice (OWV) Settle down and finish your dinner.

Child1 I'm bored. Can't we do somethin'?

Younger Woman's Voice (YWV) After dinner.

Child2 What do we get to do?

Child3 Can we play games?

Child1 Play outside?

INT: Fade in to dinner scene. Four children sitting around a table with Mom, Dad, and Grandmother. Kids squirm, ready for dinner to be over.

Child3 Hide and seek, in the house?

Grandmother How about a story?

Child2 With dragons!

Child1 And monsters!

Grandmother And mischievous gods of old?

Child3 Can we have dessert first?

Children together Yeah! A story! and dessert. What are we havin'?

Mother After dinner.

INT: Family settles down in living room for Grandmother to tell story.

Mother All right.

Father I never got stories when I was growing up. I also had to walk 8 miles to school.

Kids together In the rain, sleet, snow. We've heard this before.

Father I just want you to appreciate this.

Grandmother Where shall we begin? With dragons, and monsters . . .

Father Mischievous gods? (questioning tone, with humour)

CAMERA: Begin to circle group to change setting back generations.

Grandmother (slight smile) This story is very old. It is a tale told to me by my Great Grandmother. It has been passed down through the generations, from grandmother to granddaughter. It is about a brave warrior prince, a monster. . .

Child1 And dragons?

Child3 And what god?
Grandmother The god? That would be Loki.

Father Loki?

CAMERA: transition to older setting. Several children curled up in bed with Grandmother telling a tale.

Grandmother Loki. A mischievous god of Norse mythology. The story goes that Loki made a blade. It was his Luaidh. It had unimaginable power.

Child 1 What does that have to do with anything? Who cares about some little knife a god has.

Grandmother (smile) He dropped it.

Child What?

Grandmother (smiles and brushes the child's hair. She breathes deep and begins her story) Once upon a time...

Camera pans around set with bed and fades into older time frame to a storyteller, old woman, a scop.

Scop . . . a young man became king. He married as fitting his station, a young, beautiful maiden. But, he was a warrior king. A protector of the people. He oft left on campaigns for the safety of his people. Once on a far off expedition, he met a young woman and was seduced by her. He was, no matter what he had done, loyal to his people and left the woman. As he left, she too would leave, and run . . . away . . .

(to silence)

During speech, in lay with scenes of 
the young man becoming king
the young man wed
the young man on campaign seeing in the distance the woman
the young man seduced by the woman
the young man leaving and the woman running
the woman at a tree, with Loki's blade
the man at home with his wife in childbirth
the woman picks up Loki's blade and begins to give birth to Grendel

Scop (continues) She ran and eventually made her way to an unpopulated land. A storm brewed in the distance. She found shelter under a tree . . . The young king, finally home, where his wife was giving birth to his son. As is the way with any fickle god, or fate, the other woman, she too gave birth.

Scop (pauses, as if remembering it from her own experience) The king was proud of his son and named 
him Beo. This story is of his greatness in deed and in life.

Camera focus on Scop. Turn as mood changes, scenery drifts and becomes insubstantial.

Scop (Old English) In gear-dagum peod-cyninga pyrum gefrunon, hu oa aepeligas ellen fremendom.

Fortune favoured Hrothgar, who ordered a hall-building. Heorot was its name. But as the hall rose in height doom waited. The demon, stalker of the night, moves against Heorot. The demon was Grendel, haunter of the marsh. Grendel's attacks continued for twelve years. Reports spread from land to land. As a strong warrior, high-born and proud, Beowulf felt his call to aid Hrothgar. With warriors gathered, he went to Heorot's aid.

INT. cave-dark, shining eyes, shadowed, emerges - flash

Day shot: Grendel emerges slowly, as if awakening - background noise of cheers and stories - light in the distance as Heorot is visible from a distance. Grendel watches festivities. ECU: as Grendel sinks back into his cave dwelling focus on eyes.

INT. CU Grendel prepares to leave cave MOVE to EXT. sight of Grendel's lair Cave within a hollowed tree: broken down and shattered stump, all wet

EXT. Distance shot of Heorot, women mourning, several bodies strewn about, men muttering and gesturing angrily. Night falls. Grendel appears in the distance.

INT. Witan gathers. HROTHGAR is at the head of the table. UNFERTH and WULFGAR are standing, waiting, close to HROTHGAR. DOUGAL (Watchman), HAROLD the Herald, and ASCHERE enter the room, arguing. WISE OLD WOMAN enters in behind the crowd, watching, eyes sparkling.

DOUGAL (forcefully and quietly) We will
present this to our Lord. We should not discuss this amongst ourselves.

ASCHERE How can you be so casual? Our people are dying. We must take action.

DOUGAL (spins about to face Aschere) This must be decided by the Witan. Together. With Hrothgar as the judge.

WISE OLD WOMAN (coming from behind, very quietly) Gentlemen, we sit now.

HAROLD (makes his way to HROTHGAR's side) This is
a meeting of the Witan. All attend our Lord, Hrothgar.

HROTHGAR Hear ye all present. Come together,
right now, over me. Unferth may begin.

UNFERTH We must defend the city and our people.

WULFGAR This is the old argument.

UNFERTH Did you expect it to change? Our people are dying!

HROTHGAR We need help in this. This is the fourth 
attack. Our men cannot defend us. We must seek assistance.

UNFERTH We can defend ourselves. Allow us to order 
men . . .

HROTHGAR (interrupts loudly) To their death!

UNFERTH (stands) If needs be. We must seek out the

WULFGAR We must heed the Fates on this. We need
an ally. One who is strong and wise.

UNFERTH (moves about angrily) How can you be so
blind to this carnage around you? We must fight!

WULFGAR That is your father's decision. Whether we 
act or not you may not go against him. We can pacify the beast.

UNFERTH Pacify! To our deaths. Our eternal deaths. 
None will survive if we continue to pacify!

WULFGAR You are young and impatient. Fate will 
hold our hand. You may not decide against fate in this, but to doom us all to extinction.

UNFERTH You are the one to kill us all. 
(Stalks out of meeting)

HROTHGAR He will kill us all.

WISE OLD WOMAN One will come. Soon. 
(The others face her, as she speaks)

EXT. Man walks away from camera, in furs. Group of men turn to him, as he mounts his horse.

ALFRED Lets move. 
(Raises arm and motions forward)

EDWIN Tally ho?

The horses begin to move out as the men jump to their saddles and go.

INT: WISE OLD WOMAN and HROTHGAR sit close, huddled together.
HROTHGAR Tell me of this one who comes. Will he be 

WOW Yes, my lord. He will be very strong. Be 
careful of him. He can lead us to destruction.

HROTHGAR “Can”? To what end? Why would he lead 
us to fall?

WOW He is very proud. In that pride, he will be 
most unobservant.

HROTHGAR We must save our city. Our homes and 
our people. We will be eliminated and forgotten without him.

WOW That is true.

OFFSCREEN Loud noise, cries and shouts.

OS Shout: Grendel has attacked again. He has eaten our flocks of sheep.

HROTHGAR rises and moves to the door, very concerned.

WOW (under her breath) However, his triumph here will 
lead to a world of destruction. Would you sacrifice the world for a town?

UNFERTH (moves into camera view, hears this from the WOW) Destruction of the world? How is this to 

WOW Will you listen, young one? Or will you act?

UNFERTH I will listen. I will learn. Then, I will act.
WOW (smiles slightly) Go, young one, to your father. He 
has need of you.

UNFERTH (looks to his father and moves toward him)
Has need? You jest.

WOW (very softly) When you act, act strong, young one, 
and you will save them all.

EXT: Townspeople gathered around, moving closer to their lord, HROTHGAR. Four men carry a body, gutted and bloody.

WULFGAR (kneeling by body) This was Alrath's son. 
He was just a boy.

ASCHERE We must avenge his death. Grendel is killing 
us slowly and as surely as any demon would.

WULFGAR You know as well as I that we will all die if 
we confront the monster directly.

ASCHERE And your point is? We will die either way. 
We live and we die. In this life, we can also fight. We can fight to survive.

WULFGAR The consequences are too extreme. To fight 
Grendel and lose, we will destroy all. The prophecy . . .

ASCHERE Prophecy! You would hinge our lives on the 
prophecy? To what end?

WULFGAR (getting upset) We live and die by fate and 
the prophecy. That is what we do, all in this world, for eternity.
HROTHGAR Yes, we do.

POV: WATCHMAN sees the horses, from atop the wall. Moves to his horse as the riders move into view of the near roadway.

POV: Horses move through fog, and one rider dismounts, looks at ground, leads his horse and companions. Warriors watch, arms bared. Move through light woodland toward Heorot. Sights WATCHMAN. Men stop and spread out defensively.

WATCHMAN What kind of men are geared for such 
extreme combat arriving here, riding from afar? I have seen such men ride so boldly on the Scotish land, though not oft. I would know from where you hail before moving on. My question then, “Where do you come from and why?”

BEOWULF We are from the Welsh people, with 
allegiance to Lord Hygelac. My father was the noble warrior-lord Ecgtheow. We come in peace and faith to your lord and nation's shield. We are on an errand to the lord of Danes. We come to help with whatever it is, the danger of the dark, the corpse maker within the Shieldings' country. I offer counsel and help to defeat the enemy. I seek to end the turmoil and terror.

The WATCHMAN stares at BEOWULF, not moving through the speech. Pause. WATCHMAN with some respect for the newcomers.

WATCHMAN Many would take measure of two things, 
what is said and what is done. I believe that you are loyal to our king. I will guide your arms to him.

The WATCHMAN leads the party away from the border. Dismounted party member remounts and follows.

ECU: BEOWULF nods to his man, and they follow, keeping watch about them.

ALFRED (shrugs indifferently) Off to work.

EDWIN Heigh ho?

EXT: In the distance is Heorot, some smoking fires, shambled houses, new graves. As the party reaches a poorly paved road leading to Heorot, the WATCHMAN turns toward BEOWULF.

WATCHMAN Follow this path to the city. I must depart
from you here and resume my duties as Watchman of the Scots.

He wheels his horse about and rides toward the wall, where other men keep watch as well. BEOWULF watches him leave and begins to ride toward Heorot.

INT: Mead-hall, with HROTHGAR, sitting slouched within a centered chair, surrounded by retainers. HROTHGAR is slovenly at this time, beaten down. Page enters and whispers to HROTHGAR. He straightens himself in his chair as best he can. UNFERTH enters from side door.

EXT: BEOWULF and his warriors dismount. They enter the building and seek out HROTHGAR. 
POV: BEOWULF leads his men into a large room with HROTHGAR at the center. The HERALD stands before the men, partially blocking the way.

HERALD Where is it that you come from, with arms 
and shields and mail shirts? I am Hrothgar's herald and officer. I have not seen such an impressive assembly of strangers. Bravery must have brought you to Hrathgar's court.

BEOWULF We are from Hygelac's band. Beowulf is my 
name. If I may greet your lord, I will report my errand.

A tall man in stately robes named WULFGAR approaches at Beo's name and speaks the reply for the HERALD.

WULFGAR I will take this message to our lord
Hrothgar. I will tell him of your coming.

WULFGAR turns to HROTHGAR, sitting amongst his retainers, and addresses his lord.

WULFGAR My lord, People of Welshland have ridden 
from afar. Their leader is Beowulf. They would ask for an audience with you, my lord. Will you respond to them? They are worthy of respect, especially the leader, who is most noteworthy.

HROTHGAR I knew him when he was a boy. His father 
was Ecgthow. He is the grandson of Hrethel the Great, whose daughter bore Ecgthow this man, their son. Many have traveled across this land, with tales of this man. They declare his strength as of thirty men. Now he has been guided here, to us, to defend against Grendel. Go and bid him to our audience immediately. They are welcome in Heorot.

WULFGAR turns toward BEOWULF and speaks.

WULFGAR My lord knows of your ancestry and bids 
you welcome. He salutes your arrival to Heorot. Come forward to meet Hrothgar, in armour; but, your shields and arms must stay here.

BEOWULF moves and discards his shield and sword. Part of his men discard their weapons as well. Several stay with the arms at the door. BEOWULF leads the group toward the lord of the Scots.

BEOWULF Greetings, my lord. I have heard of Grendel 
at my home. I have heard the stories of your home suffering once the sun has set. I am resolved to support you and face Grendel in single combat. This is my request of you. I have come far. I have heard of the monster's scorn for weapons. I wish to seek him out, fight, hand-to-hand. A life and death fight with the terror. Fate will decree the winner by its own will.

HROTHGAR Beowulf, you have traveled to assist us. To 
fight for us. I am bothered by this Grendel and the grief he causes. He has ravaged Heorot. Fate has swept away the house-hold guard into Grendel's clutches. Many have feasted and drunk, swearing to avenge upon Grendel. All to naught. By dawn they are blood-soaked and slaughtered. My following has dwindled in this.

UNFERTH seeks to discredit BEOWULF.

UNFERTH Are you Beowulf who challenged Breca to a 
swim? For vanity? I heard that you swam for seven days, yet Breca out-swam you, the stronger of you both. Breca won then, no matter your own boasting. None have survived against Grendel through an entire night. You shall end up the worst for this confrontation.

BEOWULF You have said what you wish. Breca and I 
made a boast with drink talking for us both. In the end, I was the stronger. We both swam with blades drawn, for the beasts. Neither could out-pace the other. The sea welled up with a beast. I was pinned within its grip when fate granted me my chance. I struck with my sword and the battle was over. In the end, the sea threw me upon the coast. The night had been long and treacherous. I vanquished nine of the sea monsters. I do not recall any of your bouts of great swordsmanship, Unferth. If you were so great then, would you not have faced Grendel yourself, for your king, against all the atrocities he creates. Your courage is in question, thus. Mine is not. I will face Grendel. He will discover me to be different.

WISE OLD WOMAN (to Unferth) Watch and learn, 
young one. (to crowd) You are the mighty Beo. You will eliminate the plauge of the Grendel, will you not? I look forward to your education in this enterprise.

UNFERTH is upset. He sulks as the party continues. Laughter rises as does the cheerfulness of the crowd. WEALHTHEOW enters and offers drink to her lord. As the cup is passed around, the festivities increase.

WEATHTHEOW A toast to our newly arrived hero! 
(gives cup to king)

INT: All join in on toast.

HROTHGAR Behold ye sousiee Scottish faith whose 
sons with Wallace shall bleed. Look now unto our hero. And if he dies, we should lift our kilts in honour. Now so lift your horn with Scotchbear.

FRIAR1 (whispering violently to FRIAR 2) No, ye
bleedin' idiot. Scotch is a drink. A man from Scotland who wears a kilt is . . . questionable.

HROTHGAR (continues without comment) And drink to 
our hero, who shall set us free.

CLOSEUP between WOW, Unferth and Hrothgar. Crowd ignores conversation.

WOW (interested look on face) Very well, Hrothgar; Ye 
speak of Wallace's fame. Yet, how can ye know of the peoples of the Scotland to come? Yes, old friend, there shall be a Wallace to lead the Scots. Yet none from your loins shall with him stand. It is with Edward with whom your seed shall perish. The last of your line shall a belt for Wallace make.


HROTHGAR You are a foolish old woman. How is it 
that ye can see the future of MY people, and not the death of Grendel?

WOW (beginning to get angry) I see all and know all, 
little lord. (looks at Unferth) Yes, truth.

BEOWULF (stands, boasting, oblivious to the
conversation) I have a purpose here. I will conquer or perish at the hands of this terror.

WOW Be ye careful of your words youngster. (low 

Everyone cheers. Much excitement and boisterousness, continues as the sun sets. Party winds down and off to bed they go.

EXT: Sun sets over Heorot.

POV: Grendel moves lightening fast. Shifts about, seeking. ECU: Eyes open and glow in eerie greenish light.

INT: Cave is dark and closed in. Bones, etc are strewn about. Very wet and sticky. As Grendel moves out of the cave, darkness follows him .

INT: Close-up as HROTHGAR bids BEOWULF good night.

HROTHGAR I have never, since I could defend my own, 
given control to another. I give it to you, this Heorot's hall. Guard it well, and beware the enemy.

BEOWULF You have my word, my lord.

HROTHGAR leaves with his house-guard. BEOWULF and his crew make ready for Grendel's attack. The crew lie next to each other, thoughts to themselves. UNFERTH joins the warriors in the vigil. WISE OLD WOMAN looks on, unnoticed.

BEOWULF What is it you want, Unferth? We do not 
need you here.

UNFERTH I have bled already at Grendel's hand. I will 
remain to see its destruction, by you.

BEOWULF Boy, you could not be helpful, and only a 
hinderence. Leave and be safe with your mommy and daddy, secure in their arms.

UNFERTH (spins about, stalks off and settles out of BEOWULF's sight and watches the scene below)

ALFRED (to EDWIN) Watch him. Closely. The king 
would not enjoy his only son's death much.

EDWIN That's the truth. They say you can't buy me love, you know. To fight, though, would make his father proud.

INT: Men settle in and wait.

EXT: Grendel approaches as the fullness of night extends over the land. Grendel moves across the land quickly, stealthily, blending in the shadows.

POV: Grendel sees the great hall, becomes maddened for blood. He reaches the great doors of the halls and rips them open, blood-lust crazy. Doors implode onto warriors.

INT: Dark. Highly shadowed. One man rises as Grendel moves in. He dies as Grendel's claws rip across his throat, tearing his head from his body. The other men move fast, and encircle Grendel, swords drawn. Grendel moves to BEOWULF, crouched upon the ground. Claw extends as BEOWULF reaches out and takes the claw.

ECU: Grendel's surprised look as Beowulf matches him in strength. He struggles to leave the fight.

INT: BEOWULF strikes out at Grendel. Wrestling match ensues.

CAMERA Multiple camera angles, fast paced, multiple action sequences, repeats in action, multiple close-ups. Punches, kicks, throws, repeatedly.

INT: Grendel cries out and seeks to flee. The crew circles and strikes out with swords, attempting to defend Beowulf. Their blades do not work. They strike through Grendel. Warrior moves in too close and Grendel strikes at him, leaving bloodied claw marks across his chest.

ACTION SEQUENCE: Grendel cries out. Beowulf never loses his grip. Grendel cries out. His shoulder is dislocated. Beowulf twists forward, steps into his opponent, and lifts the fiend’s arm upward. Grendel cries out loudly, punches at Beowulf. Beowulf places his elbow into Grendel's neck and drives downward, wrenching the arm from its socket and removes it by twisting forward. BEOWULF is bloodied from the encounter.

INT: Dark and shadowed, Grendel, now free from Beowulf's demolishing grasp, runs out through the broken doors, into the night.

INT: BEOWULF reaches upward, Grendel's arm within his grasp. Bloodied from the battle, his face triumphant. His men cheer loudly. Only Edwin and Alfred move to their fallen comrade. He is dead. They look at each other, then to Beowulf.

EXT POV: Grendel seeks the cave and his home, stumbling.

EXT: Dead tree, Grendel dives in, clutching at his missing arm. In great agony, he dies and sinks to the bottom of the marsh.

OS: Grendel's mother cries out in rage, as her son sinks to oblivion.

INT: Torches lighted. Within the hall. From the ceiling, Grendel's arm is hung as a trophy for all to see. Celebration starts. Alfred and Edwin move the dead man out.

EXT: Dawn. Town moves about in celebration.

INT: Hall, men prepare to sing BEOWULF's praises.

HROTHGAR (enters) First, may we thank fate for its 
kindness. I, we, have suffered under Grendel's attacks. Wonders can be worked. Now, Beowulf, I adopt you as a son of my heart. I have rewarded in the past some not so noble and capable as you. You are immortal through these actions.

BEOWULF (Stands and responds to the Lord, 
HROTHGAR .) We have succeeded and been favored in this battle. Grendel has fled from here, at a price, his hand, his arm, and his shoulder. He will not be here long, in this world, as fate takes him.

UNFERTH (under his breath) What of the mother? What 
then? You boast so quickly. Not even sparing your fallen comrade a word.

WOW That is true, youngster. Do you learn yet?

INT: Far view of entire crowd, cheers, BEOWULF, HROTHGAR, UNFERTH and WEALHTHEOW, looking happy, at the center. Grendel's arm is displayed from the ceiling, dripping still.

EXT: Daylight. Men and women begin to work on fixing Heorot, inside and out. A feast is prepared.

INT: Mead-hall. Benches and tables filed to overflowing. Great crowd, HROTHGAR at the center. Feasting on through evening hours. Minstrels perform music and songs and poems of greatness. FRIAR 1 stands up from the keg he guards and toasts. FRIAR 2 blesses feast.

FRIAR 2 We, the fated ones, do bless this east in the 
glory of what may come. We hold together this joyous occasion to our beloved FATE.

FRIAR 1 Eat, drink, and be merry, for Grendel has been defeated.

WEALHTHEOW A toast to you. Enjoy this drink, my 
lord, and the company of the Geats. Heorot has been purified of the dread Grendel. Our sons shall prosper here in Heorot.

The crowd cheers. A cup is passed around. All drink to the toast. 
WEALHTHEOW Dear Beowulf, wear this mail in 
honour and luck. My sons are better for knowing your courage.

EXT: Heorot settles into darkness as night falls, the moon rises.

INT: Mead-hall is silent. Feasting is over. Everyone is abed. BEOWULF disappears with a young lady.

EDWIN (Watches BEOWULF leave with woman. Shakes
his head and mutters.) What a ho.

ALFRED What did you expect?

EXT: Monstrous creature moves toward Heorot, Grendel's Mother.

POV: Grendel's mother looks at Heorot. Eyes glow eerily.

INT: Mad and crazed she-monster enters the hall and attacks ferociously. Men jump to their feet, swords and shields up, no armour. Panic ensues.

ECU: Grendel's mother reaches her son's lost arm and pulls it from the rafters.

ACTION SEQUENCE: The men attack the monster. She fights, gutting one of the old warriors. Many come from the battle, scarred and bloodied. 
INT: Grendel's mother grabs one of the warriors and runs for the open doors.

EXT: CAMERA moves with action. Grendel's mother bounds away with the warrior and the trophy arm. 
INT: BEOWULF enters with his crew, swords drawn. HROTHGAR enters several steps behind. UNFERTH is bloodied from the battle, has sword drawn and breathes heavily. WISE OLD WOMAN enters muttering.

WOW Vengence has been sought and found.

BEOWULF (loudly) What has happened?

HROTHGAR Sorrow returns to us. Aeschere is dead. A 
killer has entered and killed him, and now hides, glutting on his corpse. She has come to avenge her son, Grendel. Danger and the demon await us.

BEOWULF Do not grieve. It is better to avenge loved 
ones. She has nowhere to hide. We shall go now to her, under ground, sea, or grove. We shall seek her lair and follow her to hell, if needs be, to pay the wergild.

WULFGAR You boast highly for your men. Can you do 
it? Go to hell?

WOW Be careful, little lord, of your promises. You 
may not deliver as you believe Fate has decreed.

UNFERTH looks at WISE OLD WOMAN, eyes thoughtful. He casts a concerned look at his father.

EXT: Horses are saddled and readied. The crew mounts, BEOWULF salutes the lord and leads his men. Dawn in the distance. FRIAR 2 follows along.

ALFRED big sigh, watches BEOWULF.

EDWIN (arm raised, drops down in direction of 
BEOWULF) Forward ho!

EXT: Far-view; Dark wooded area. Swampy water way, smelly and icky. Aeschere's head is piked at the water's edge.

EXT: The water moves with unknown, unseen creatures. BEOWULF dismounts, armed with UNFERTH at his side. Both move about the giant tree cave centered in the swamp. BEOWULF enters, UNFERTH follows. UNFERTH is ordered by BEOWULF to guard the way out.

INT: Knee-deep in muck: BEOWULF is caught by Grendel's mother. He is dragged to the surface of an underground cave, icky, slimy, bone filled. She strikes at BEOWULF, scarring him. He draws his sword to fight. It fails to harm her. He tosses it aside and grapples with her, instead. She draws a wicked knife to avenge her son, big fight, BEOWULF gains the advantage and slays her, with her own knife.

INT: BEOWULF retrieves a sword and beheads the mother. He finds Grendel's body and beheads it as well. UNFERTH comes into the living area.

UNFRETH We must burn out the evil.

BEOWULF Leave it. There is no more here.

UNFERTH As you wish. Bear in mind of how these 
two came about, my lord Beowulf. It is not 
wise to leave this open for any to enter.

BEOWULF Are you questioning me? THEY ARE NO 
MORE. We leave now.

FRIAR 2 (enters cave) Are the monsters dead?

BEOWULF Yes. We will go now.

EXT: Much time has passed. Many of the warriors fear BEOWULF has been vanquished by the mother Grendel. BEOWULF exits with the sword hilt, blade melted by their blood, and their heads. UNFERTH follows watching the warrior. FRIAR 2 looks into the root cave, and enters unbeknownst to others.

EXT: In view of the Mead-hall. BEOWULF dismounts. Crowd assembles.

BEOWULF I have returned from an underground battle, 
retrieving these trophies for you. The battle was hard won. This blade has melted with the touch of their blood. You need not fear any further, and sleep secure.

WOW Watch the blade, young warrior. That is not 
the sword you left with.

BEOWULF hands HROTHGAR the sword hilt as he speaks.

HROTHGAR (examines the blade, oblivious to the words 
on the woman) You shall be a forever friend of the Scot, Beowulf. Your valor shall be known. Be careful of this life, for it is fragile. Keep watch, and defend well. Let us feast at this new triumph.

INT: Crowd seen entering the hall, party begins. 
EXT: Morning. BEOWULF and crew prepare to depart. The WATCHMAN joins them at the road and escorts them to the border.

WATCHMAN Farewell, Beowulf.

CAMERA angles downward to ground. Coin glitters in sunlight.

POV: WATCHMAN looks at the coin. Turns toward Heorot and sees the Wise Old Woman standing with a ghostly smile on her face. WATCHMAN sighs.


WOW Farewell for now Beowulf. Remember that 
your destiny is intertwined with Heorot's. When he falls, you fall.

INT: Cave dark and dank. What was FRIAR2 in distance becomes distorted and scaley. It shrieks.

INT: Around the living room.

GRANDMOTHER Such is the tale of Beowulf.

FATHER There's nothing else?

GRANDMOTHER There is much more. But that is for 
another night.