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Deann Griffith


I'd like to be a fine wine — a smooth, tantalizing liquid that demands much attention.
But I’m just cherry coke, bubbly and normal, but for a tiny twist of flavor.

I'd like to be a freshly brewed cappuccino — frothy, bitter, and entirely sophisticated.
However, I'm just coffee — bland, easily cold, and full of acrid aftertaste that sticks to your tongue for hours.

I'd love to be a strong vodka — clear, perfect, and quick to knock you out.
But I’m just an old beer — stale, rancid, and light with my effects.

I'd like to say I'm milk, and that I do your body good.
But I'm more like buttermilk — thick and distasteful; eternally sour.

In my dreams, I'm an exquisite champagne - bubbly and chilled, invitingly intoxicating.
But really I’m just plain water, clear and pure.

Drink me. Eight times a day.