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David Kanady


Our meetings are clandestine
A smile and a touch stolen in the night,
Always under the watchful eyes 
Of stars that watch over us in the night,
Guiding us with their approving light.
These same stars that were once warriors and thieves that died long ago.
Now they gleam their approval of the young lovers,
As if saying to their lunar leader;
This is right! 
This is as it should be! 
These two hidden in the night.
Allow us to watch over them
And guide them in their love,
These two kindred souls.

He was once one of us, a warrior fighting through life.
Yet now she has stolen his heart,
He has changed:
No longer does he live by his weapons,
He has found love.
A love he can substitute
For his need to cause pain.
Allow us to guide him and help show him the way;
The way to a better life,
And a happier end.
An end where he will not be forced to watch forever in the night as the world passes by.