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Keri Pritchard


Freedom was found as children while
riding our bikes on balmy summer afternoons.

Speeding down the weed-cracked sidewalk of the neighborhood,
our imagination was our only limit.

Clad in our bare feet that were callused 
from our rebellion against shoes, we rode like warriors.

We were invincible!

Stopping occasionally to visit with our blue-haired neighbors,
You and I would perform elaborately choreographed productions
on their plush green lawns
while being watched intently from plastic lawn chairs.

Once our performance was complete,
we would sit for hours and listen 
to the stories of their lives
and drink it all in 
like the lemonade they would serve us 
for our troubles.

When the sun, and the neighbors,
began to fade, 
we would return to our bikes 
and ride into the sunset,
returning to our humble homes
to plan our tomorrow.