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It's that time of the year. Wild flowers are blooming; Texas sunsets span a little wider and deeper across the sky; we're all drawn to spring's incense, and it takes hard discipline to stay indoors and complete the tasks at hand. But stay indoors we did, and we have a book to prove it. The staff sacrificed free time and lunches. Desiree Beauchamp, Amanda Baulch, Kelly Hayes, and Joshua Cogburn worked for instrinsic awards, not monetary. Justin Callaham, our publication assistant, sacrificed slee, and even a broken foot didn't keep him from his duties. Husbands Jimmie Konvicka and Charlie Robitaille may have sometimes felt neglected, but they never once let us know it. Marlow and Chaz Robitaille, children often left to fend themselves during this project, never played that trump card of mother-guilt. Our students, who haven't seen a graded paper in weeks, are still congenial and patient. WE express an heartfelt thank you to those of you on the first lines of defense, knowing that without your help, spring would still be a long time coming.

Also, special thanks to:

  • Allied Body & Frame Co.
  • Sam Dodson
  • Nancy Stevenson
  • Mallory Young
  • Mary Etzel
  • Sharon Seeling
  • Michael Bracken
  • Koy Floyd and the Institutional Advancement Staff
  • President Dennis McCabe
Benneda Knovicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors