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Bonnie Harding


Disjointed figure waving in the mist
Enticing-seducing, beckoning
Toward forgotten images
Dancing to the fore
Seeping around edges
Sealed long ago.
Keys to the abyss hang upon the door
Swaying through eternity
Beggin to be heard
Tortuous voices,
Crying out to escape hellish nightmares
Looming dangerously close.
Hideous beasts, death upon their backs,
Magnitude unknown
Pounding to dust forgotten lost souls.
Misery and anguish accompany their march
Dealing out demise to all caught unaware.
Impending doom slithering ever closer
A serpent on its belly.
Beware to those who know
Sitting on their thrones
Pious indifference rolling from their egos
Slashing down double edged swords
Upon disquieted souls.