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Bonnie Harding


What tortured visions haunt your dreams
Causing you to cry out,
Jolt from those nether depths
Where the conscious self dare not tread
In the misted light of your day?

Where does the twisted path threading your soul
With undeniable agony
Lead you each dark night
When sleep no longer can hide
In the safety of normal
To come crashing down your etheral world?

How long before you let yourself go,
Go into that nefarious scape,
Before you confront the wicked scenes
Lying past the mirrored pool
From which you struggle to surface
Each time the dreams come
To reveal themselves to your timid mind?

When will you cease
Holding onto tangible fear
Gripping your soul to denial,
To reach out and touch the dark light
Hovering beyond the realm,
Waiting to reveal mystic truth
Beyond this reality you choose to live?