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Song 1

Monika Leandro


Verse 1:
You only cared when it came to you
Didn't give a second glance to what's around
Drawing all of your passioned hate from a self inflicted wound
I can't just sit around and let myself struggle while you drown
But wait, thats what you did to me.

Spin me around
With your tender hate
Lock me up and hold me close
You let me free
I'm trying to find a way
to lose myself in blinded faith
Keep me here in your
Contradicting fallacies

Verse 2:
Let the drops fall from our failures
Nothing will ever be made up
Nothing can ever be forgiven, Yes it can
What can I do to bring you back to my abyss?
What can I do to keep you trapted within me?


Verse 3:
Finally we sit together
Watch our world come to an end
This time was not meant for us
Lets relive it again
Lets relive it again
Stop this time and see that it ends