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Robert Wagner


Beginning with the Void
Import the CommonCulturalExperience

Create a Plane from FormlessGeometricObjects
Create a Plain from GenericGeographicalFeatures
Let the Plane's Texture be the Plain

Create a Mountain from GenericGeographicalFeatures
But let the Mountain be Small which is to say
at the AnimalKnowledge-HeightWhereBuzzardsFly

Create AnotherMountain like the Mountain
But AnotherMountain should be Slimmer
like a ConeVolcano from GenericGeographicalFeatures
without the Cone

Create RockyCliffs from GenericSharpRocksAndThingsAndDeathlyFalls
Let RockyCliffs be on Mountain and AnotherMountain

Create a Prairie from GenericMidwesternPrairie
Let the Prairie be on the Plane

Create a Village from GenericNativeAmericanHistory
Let Village be on the Plane

Create a Mound from FormlessGeometricObjects with BlackDirt
Place the Mound between Mountain and AnotherMountain on the Plane

Destroy Village

Loop this
Let Mountain and AnotherMountain be shorter than before
Until ManyYears Passed

Let Mound Remain