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The Field

Robert Wagner


Beginning as a rolling field
rising from the rocks
And the ocean creeping up to it
soaking it with its salt
Drying, bared, in view of the sun
the grasses crept up on it
And civilized the old ocean floor
building buildings of themselves.

So the grassy field was pure and tall
as clean as dirt could be
Then cows decided, befitting cows,
to claim the dirty prairie
But then the plowman decided again
to use the dirt for corn
So in a manner, the corn finally won
the field and the dirt therein.

But perhaps presently near one day
a new ruler will have it
And the sea would know that
as would the grasses
and the cows their vengeance
forcefully having lost
And the plowman would be glad
with his full wallet

As the fair field can shine in the morning
and be warm at night
While it sheds petroleum fluids in rain
It can cleanse itself
Yet deny the dirt and rocks of water
because its impermeable
Concrete covered or cheaper asphalt
A fine parking lot.