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Void Collision

Robert Wagner


New Setting in TheNight
New Lighting like Lamps.Painting ( The Scene, Golden of Valor )

On Highway Place Car with HonorableMan inside

Let Physics.Collision ( Car between AnotherCar.Bumper at Velocity ( High ) )

HonorableMan.Understands Not the details of Physics.Collision
HonorableMan.Knows Not MuchAtAll
HonorableMan.Age is YoungAfterAll

Define Equations of Physics.Collision for HonorableMan
InitialEnergy = FinalEnergy
And InitialEnergy = InitialKineticEnergy + InitialPotentialEnergy
And FinalEnergy = FinalKineticEnergy + FinalPotentialEnergy
Let Collision be Solve ( KineticEnergy And Momentum )

HonorableMan.Understands Not the Physics.Equations
HonorableMan.Knows However HisOwn.Collision

Define Equations of HisOwn.Collision for Observers
InitialBlood = FinalBlood
And InitialBlood = InitialBloodInBody ( All ) + InitialBloodOnStreet ( None )
And FinalBlood = FinalBloodInBody ( None ) + FinalBloodOnStreet( All )

HonorableMan.Age is StillYoungAfterAll