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Robert Wagner


In Scene New House from Generic.Building.House
In House New Room from Generic.Building.Room.Null
In Room New Fireplace from Generic.Fireplace.Stone

Fireplace.Texture is Brick.Marble
In Fireplace New Fire from Wood.Fire
Fire.Type is Hot AND Blazing
New Fire.Timer from Action.Time
Fire.Action.Spark(Fire.Timer every 10 seconds)

Fire.Lighting is Fire.Type

Room.Temperature is cold
Room.Lighting is dark

In Room New Chair from Exquisite.Style.Victorian.Chair
Chair.Position is Room.Middle

In Room New Man from Generic.Human.Male
Man.Age is old(viejo)
Man.Position is on Chair.Position

Man.Facing is Toward(Fireplace)

While Man.Alive is True
Man.Action.Stare(at Fireplace)

Man.CurrentThought is Man.OldThought

If Fire.Spark is True then
Man.CurrentThought is Man
Man.Sees is Fire.Spark.Fade
Man.CurrentThough is what Man.Sees
Close If

Man.Alive is False
Close While

Destroy Man AND Destroy Fire