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In My Dreams

Pamela Woods


In my dreams,
I travel to Germany,
See places where I lived
And remember them again.

In my dreams,
I paint pansies with my mother,
We sip tea and
Eat finger sandwiches.

In my dreams,
I spend Christmas in a fancy downtown hotel
Stroll down snowy, crowded streets,
Take a carriage ride in the park.

In my dreams,
I travel back to London,
Shop at Portobello Road
Ride the double-decker bus.

In my dreams,
I have beautiful Grandbabies
Some boys and some girls
For me to enjoy.

In my dreams,
I go on a Mediterranean cruise
Work hard at relaxing
See spectacular sites.

In my dreams,
I go the theatre on Broadway
To see a New York show
Maybe “The Phantom of the Opera”.

In my dreams,
I will rest in the summer
Have breakfast on the deck
And a nap about 1:30.