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Love Letter to a Deployed Soldier

Chai Read-Walsh


If I were your guardian angel I would go to Iraq with you.
     I would close my eyes and feel the hot wind on your face. I am there with you now and we are one. Your Outer tactical vest is restricting my space. My hand is near your trigger and I am ready to pull it for you. Your gloves cover my hands and for miles there is nothing but sand. Sweat bleeds off you and out of my pores. Your ballistic goggles block the sun and the shrapnel from my eyes. I look around you for the insurgent's spies. They smile in my face and wave at you as I drive by. I promise that I will try and protect you, everywhere you go. From Baghdad to Fallujah, I will point out your foes. I will guide your weapon to every target and where ever the enemy goes. You'll hit them all and never forget. Every bullet that comes your way I will block and save the day.
      I will be there in spirit; my heart will be beating inside you. If I could, I’d be your armor, your cover, your concealment, your weapon, and your shield.