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Creative Arts Day Speaker

Elmer Kelton   

Creativity is an invisible spirit on our subconscious that allows us to take the intangible—a memory, a feeling, a wish, a fantasy—and mold it into the tangible, something we can see or read or sing or feel with our hands—a story, a poem, a painting, even a new and different machine. It allows us to give life and form to a will-o’-the-wisp, to make it whole and share it with others to see or hear, touch or run.

It gives us the means to express what is in our hearts and minds so others may understand and perhaps relate on the basis of their own thoughts and emotions, their own life experience.

It is a mysterious and elusive gift. The more we use it, the better it serves us, but always on its own terms. We can never completely understand or control it, but having it enriches our soul.

Elmer Kelton