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Goodbye to Bohemia

David Chapman


Beards and talismans wagging in a dusky room

Acrid smoke rising in swirling vortices of blue

Nietzsche and Goethe mispronounced and misinterpreted

Dripping from adolescent tongues—

German philosophical mead.

Kierkegaard misquoted, and from the back

Newborn Aquinas crying in the dark.

Riddles and Paradox.

Hot voices slurring Kant through McCormick’s vodka—

Social anesthetic in plastic jugs.

Bohemia farewell.

Blossoms of butts in overflowing ashtrays

Stacks of clanking aluminum from shag to ceiling.

Awkward late night gropes with quasi-intellectualistas

Eyes peering from a penumbra of lid, obscured and dark.

All bankers now, and lawyers

Anonymous human resources decorating cubicles with Munch and Van Rijn.

Without a hint of fucking irony.

Goodbye Bohemia.