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Words: Threads of This Poet's Needle

J. Elaine Tevebaugh


Struggling to resist the temptation to embellish
Spartan of words I should be.
Yet, I do truly relish
That search for the precise word – careful parsing,
So like word embroidery or the tatting of intricate lace
--giving me my poet’s place.
Weaving the everyday
With the language of the scholar
my repertoire …
creating tapestry with descriptive vocabulary.
To turn the apropos phrase
in this life’s phase
seeking to imply some message.
“Are these lines a bit too trite?”
Yet, it is the “rite of passage”
To gain the right of being able to write.
To this otherwise dull-witted poet,
The unawakened laureate.
Not quite yet struck by the bolt of lightning
To ignite that creative divine spark.
However, “In-breathed” or inspired
by the Original God.
That pre-Hellenistic deity
Whose dimly whispered “Hark!’
disturbs the stagnant stasis
stirring the writing process
of  this life’s poetic tapestry.