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Child Org of Otterland

Jeremy Michael Gallen


Child Org of Otterland,

Child whom the gods would send,

Child of Og and Odin’s daughter,

Child to be a legend’ry otter!

With white-feather wings, a dolphin’s tail,

Gills so he could the water inhale,

Gold antlers, flippered feet, shining eyes,

And white fur to spell the dark’s demise

But the darkness would level Otterland

And send northward Org to Britannia’s end

To find the fabled treasure of Odin

And bring the Peace to Britannia again.

North to Fair Isle the white otter went

To retrieve the treasure of great potent,

The clear, gold-banded, shining White Rune,

Transforming into Odin’s blade Balmung!

Southwestward to Malice Island Org flew

To see the wicked Seven Satans through,

To abort the Dark Lord’s resurrection,

To quell the darkness' insurrection!