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I Met God in an Elevator Today

Johnathon Parker


I met God in an elevator today.
I looked over at him.  "Don't you have more important things to do?" I asked.
He looked over at me.  "What makes you think I'm not doing something important right now?"
My question was defeated.
"What's the meaning of life?" I asked.
"If I told you that, your life would no longer have meaning," he countered.
Again I was the fool.
"Is there really a Heaven?" I asked.
"Where else would I live?" he responded.
Once more my query was crushed.
"Is everything in the Bible true?" I asked.
"The important stuff is," he returned.
"What about the Quran or the Torah?  Is anything in those true?" I asked.
"Just the stuff that matters," he answered.
"Then what is the one true religion?" I asked.
"The one that holds to the important stuff, the stuff that matters," he replied.
I could think of no more questions.  Finally, the elevator stopped and the doors opened to a hallway. 
God stepped out. 
Before the doors closed, he held the elevator and looked back at me with a smile.
"I hope I've been helpful for you today."  He moved his hand and disappeared behind the sliding elevator doors leaving me deep in contemplation.
My first thought was that he had not been helpful at all.
I met God in an elevator today.