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move me

Justin Grady


You're like my favorite song that moves me
You get my heart pumping and then you groove me
You slow my heart down and soothe me
So flow right through me

Pursue me

Woo me

And if I can't find you leave a clue for me
Because I want you to help me find the new me

I had no idea you were gonna do this to me
I wasn't ready to catch it when you threw it to me
I didn't believe it when you debuted it to me

It kinda construed me
How can someone like this really be into me?

In your love
Subdue me
If I drown in it
It'll be a death that's happy

Brew me
Into whatever drink you want
Drink me
And let me fill you up

But promise you won't say adieu to me
Promise you won't lead me askew baby

You keep me afloat
You're like a canoe for me
Whichever direction you flew from to me
Make sure you always stay glued to me
I wanna dip into your soul like fondue you see?
I wanna get digested like that food you chew daily

You always support me
You're like shoes to me

You're food for my soul
So get that stew ready for me

You make me feel wild like I'm at the zoo baby
Similar to bifocals
You keep things in view for me

I'm never blue with you
But you do make me see different hues
The world is much brighter
I'm a lover not a fighter

You came from out of the blue
Jumped in my life like a kangaroo
You'll be with me forever like a tattoo
Thank you