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Natural Beauty

Mandi Roberts


I took my first step outside, and
The glory of the morning cascaded upon me in climatic declaration.
Instantly, the harsh concrete and metal barriers I had only surfacely grown accustomed to
Vaporized in an inhale of a deep and crisp breath of chilled morning air.

Stepping off gray into green,
A fresh coolness furrowed around and caressed me,
A welcomed intruder in the mellow mist.
I slipped barefoot in a tacit tiptoe toward the water
Disturbing icy dew droplets reflecting the sun’s deadly brilliance
Melt, melt slowly in radiant bursts of glory
As I felt my way down the path.

Paradise of gold, a prism’s prize, retreat
Hidden in precious alcove somewhere…away
The final summation of all clogged mazes of streets, who knew?
Forbidden enticement that Tina with her business suit forgot
Realm of the lone, adventuresome dog  
And me
Who knew such land existed, free of the drab?
Only the avid seeker who had been there before…and had realized its worth.
Only those left unblinded to natural beauty by the glare of the city.

I swam in the lake and the water washed off my make-up and stress…and I relaxed,
Regaining spoiled senses
And felt my skin blush under the touch of sunlight
Which kissed freckles onto my nose.