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Eternity in a Moment

Paul Gaudette


Though they could have taken a plane,
They wanted a leisurely mode
And also more time together
So they took to the open road.

Her casual smile.
Her eyes closed tight.
Her wind-blown hair
Shining so bright.

His hand on the wheel.
Her head on his lap.
His eyes darting from road
To her, to map.

One eye is half-open.
She begins to stir.
His focus is diverted.
His eyes are on her.

Her smile broadens
As he is beckoned.
They lean in together
For just one second.

The smile is infectious.
Their happiness too great.
His head rises to see
The truck coming—too late.

They don’t want or need pity
For they have known bliss.
Willing to die
For one little kiss.