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Her Soul's Image

Trinity Dempsey


Horrid stench assaulted her nostrils
Urging vomit tortured—
A rising that caused her eyes to tear
Rotting flesh clung to sun-bleached ribs
They littered the muddy earth
Unseen hands gripped her, groped her,
And snatched her by the hair of her head
Then drug her through the filth—
A vile mixture of soil and manure
Her beaten and useless legs trailed behind her
As the monster hauled her, carving a trench of disgust
Defiled, this girl lay wounded
Lips cracked, acrid taste of blood, seeping
An eye so injured and swollen, it surpassed utility
Grief and pain throbbed within, almost convulsed her
Then the tormentor abandoned
She felt forsaken as she began to search this wasteland
Utter turmoil pulsated within her chest
She heaved with anguish
Jittery eyes rummaged the death surrounding her and
A spark of hope ignited as they rested on a nearby brook
An inviting spring seemingly so close,
Yet in her condition, impossibly far away
Her body, so broken, could not bear that burden
Her head slumped as defeat engulfed her
She resigned herself to lie in this refuse
Then came a nudging, a delightful aroma,
Fragrance so lovely roused her
Surprisingly, she now lay on the bank of tan-pebbled smoothness,
Awed at how the life she so desperately needed now flowed alongside her
She dipped her one finger into the cool refreshing
Bringing it gently to her parched lips
Oh, the taste like the sweetest nectar!
With a renewed energy, she cupped her hands
Ready to plunge them in and scour away the ache
A longing to cleanse herself
Bowled hands poised to enter . . .
Her breath caught as an astonishing gasp sprinted from her gaping mouth
Her reflection in this water . . .
Was not marred
She gazed in wonder at the image of herself
Whole and Pure.