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The Fall of the Mustache Rangers

John Briese


these choices bounce around in my brain

like a superball in a steel room

yes, no

 now, later


all day, every day questioning my decisions

wondering what is right, what is wrong

these choices turning my mind into a melting

pot of options, I hate it, I love it

 make it stop, I never want it to end

these choices haunt me like a ghost

 in my days, in my nights, in my dreams

running every aspect of my life

I remain living, unable to move on

these choices will be answered soon

in one quick instant

a moment uncontrollable by me

I have no option but to sit and watch

yell and scream, questioning the result

but it is done

 when its over, its over

no looking back, no arguments for change

the choices were made, the answers were given

I lost.