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Ed Eldridge


Well saddle up your donkey, or your horse,

            you are always welcome, to come along of course.

Put on your hat, and grab some grub,

            you’re gonna’ have some fun, with your bud.

We’ll cross the rivers, and come to some lakes,

            it’s always wise, to watch out for the snakes.

There are lots of prairies, and mountains too,

            we’ll see numbers of animals, even some in the zoo.

With buffalo and long horns, they’re everywhere,

            and ducks and geese, just to stop and stare.

There are new tall buildings, and ghost towns too,

            lots of brick homes and a log cabin or two.

There are beautiful flowers, sometimes as far as you can see,

            Texas wild-flowers, are as countless as can be.

So are you ready for some fun, or for doin’ business,

            Just grab all your stuff, and come to TEXAS.