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God Starts with a Whisper

Lelie M. Lowey


Her own voice careened out of the open windows. Finally, on the road after numerous delays, she sang with the radio at the top of her lungs, overjoyed for her long weekend to finally begin. Although it was agonizingly late, she was confident her motivation for getting away would keep her awake while being guided down the endless black ribbon of open road by a breathtakingly full moon.

As she settled into a comfortable rhythm for the four-hour trek across a deserted stretch of the Mojave Desert, she felt confident speeding down the center of the simple two-lane road like Pac-man gobbling up all of the dashes. Being quite certain she could safely see if there were another car on the road from far off, she chose to speed, making up some time on the long drive out of town.

About a half hour into the trip, she saw a very small pair of eyes just off to the right side of the road. As she sped past, she realized this was a cute little desert mouse, apparently out enjoying the crisp full moon night. Not thinking much of this sight, other than that the little guy was cute, she continued on.

For about another twenty to thirty minutes or so, she pressed on, keeping this pace, making good time. Just then, a slightly larger set of eyes appeared along the right side of the road. These belonged to a jackrabbit. Obviously another bit of desert wildlife out enjoying the beautifully well-lit evening. And once again, she really didn’t think much of it, so she pressed on with the same swift pace.

About another fifteen to twenty minutes passed when a much larger, third set of eyes appeared along the side of the road. Suddenly feeling the urge to pay closer attention, she actually slowed down a bit. Upon approach, she realized this was a coyote, and he was looking right at her! With a racing heart she sat straighter, slowed the car to legal speeds, and stayed in her own lane.

Suddenly she remembered a story her mother once told her: “God always starts with a whisper.”