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Follow Your Own Drum

Mark Martin


Harkin unto me all of you, I beseech you

Seek your own path. Breath life into you dreams

And ignore the ramblings of those afraid to step

Through  the door of personal, spiritual, truths.

Give birth to ideas that will tear the very fabric of

Mankind’s soul. Do not fear the rhetoric of the mindless drone,

the soldier that takes orders every day from unseen masters

of past days.

Do not follow the beat of war drums, but instead follow

the beat of your own drum. O poor souls, stop the blindness within

and seek the rhythms of your inner self, Make it so loud from within and without the gods will shake to their knees. Be the great and free spirit that comes forth and

Hear the cry of freedom and take in how truly weak the mindless are.

Seek out others in a worldly view that does not

include a one way path that so many others have

Shed towards children of racial uniqueness

Be not so narrow to dismiss them as being less

Or inferior. Learn from one another and revel

In your uniqueness

Think about the ones who make so little and die

In slavery so that others may become richer from

The misery and suffering to turn

Around and sale to you those products.

Let that set in concrete with your conscience

And ponder about what things really cost you.

Was it worth that price?

Be creative in all aspects and never fear your own failures

Because from within those failures come the birth of

Your greatest achievements and those to follow

Grind in your mind the unimagined

Theories only known to yourself, and let it process

And grow bursting forth sprouting millions of branches to

Climb from and explore.

Thousands of years of archaic Academia and  can try to beat you into Submission

But I say strike back with a thunderous roar.

find your own beliefs, follow them to your needs and

Reach a great internal divine plane.

Take the time to hear the voices of the radical thinkers

And allow their words to unlock what you so desire

To release but have yet to find the keys

That will let you blossom outward in a infinite

Hymnal of words yet unheard of and so

Brilliant they will linger in the minds of generations to come

 See the passion in unconventional educators

And honor their unique perspective,

Share with them your thoughts

Be active and brilliant in you responses

Stop along the road and see the earths many wonders

Take in from her bosom the fruits she produces for you

To grow from. Revel in what she gives you and give back

By caring for her.

Give generously to what you deem a good and sound

Cause and not to the detriment of those minds

You encounter along the way.

I say again follow the beat of your own drum

And release your soul my friend

don’t stay trapped within a drone society

That has forgotten and fear the creative

Juices that flow from uniqueness.