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Tiny Bell’s Voice

Crystals Sims


Dedicated to those going into Education

Tiny Bell always tried to be silent.  Her voice was so small that it embarrassed her.  She was tied to the collar of a puppy that belonged to a little boy.  But, because the puppy was an active puppy, she bounced around quite a bit. This made it especially hard to remain soundless, and since she was constantly trying as hard as a bell could to be quiet, Tiny Bell heard a lot. All around there were voices of other bells.  Tiny Bell would listen with envy to the importance in each of the bells' voices.

Church Bells sang every Sunday morn, calling people to worship.  Their voices were a musical melody in the still morning air, bringing the devoted to gather.

"Hear us ring,

 Hear us sing,

 Calling people

 To the steeple.

 Important are we!"

They were proud to summon people together for happiness. Their job was important. People flocked to the church when Church Bells sang.

Doorbell rang through the house, announcing visitors to the family.  Each time Doorbell rang the puppy would bark excitedly, the little boy would hurry to the door to open it, and the family would smile at their wanted visitor.

"Answer the door-

 Answer the door.

 Someone is here,

 Someone is here.

 I knew it first!"

Doorbell took pride in being the first to know when a visitor was present.  It was an important job.  Nobody complained when Doorbell rang.

Town Clock Bell boomed out the hour throughout the day.  He was an unfailing, strong, powerful voice that called to every house and every person.

"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Boom, Boom, Boom

On the hour, every hour

I track the town's time.

Reliable am I!"

There was no one who would forget the time as long as his steady beat sounded.  It was an important job. Nobody worried about the time passing as long as Town Clock Bell tolled.

Tiny Bell also heard people saying:

   "That puppy is so loud! His bell is annoying."

               "The puppy's bell is too high pitched. It hurts my ears."

                         "Who knew a little bell could be so horribly loud?"

Tiny Bell felt smaller when she heard these things.  She tried harder to be silent, because she was not important.  No one wanted to hear her voice. 

One day, after the first heavy snow of winter, the little boy and the puppy went out to play in the fresh white stillness.  It was cold out, and Tiny Bell was miserable. Her voice seemed extra shrill in the calm of winter.  In the big meadow out of town, the boy rolled snow for a snowman.  The puppy bounced in the snowdrifts.  Tiny Bell's voice was louder in the open field.  She pressed herself to the puppy to muffle her own sound.

The boy finished his snowman by adding his scarf and hat.  Smiling, he called the puppy and they started to walk home together. Tiny Bell still pressed herself to the puppy's fur for silence. The wind had begun to blow stronger, and the boy became cold at the edge of the meadow.  He sat down under a large oak tree and pulled the puppy close to him for warmth.  The puppy began to shiver and Tiny Bell could not hold herself still. The boy started to fall asleep, and the puppy did, too.  They both were shivering. The wind was blowing around the tree.  Tiny Bell was worried but did not know what to do.

Church Bells sang:

"Quick! Come along

A boy has gone,

Missing is he,

With his puppy,

You must find him!"

Doorbell rang:

"It is not he,

 It is not he,

A stranger here

A stranger here

I wish it were not."

Town Clock Bell tolled:

"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

 Boom, Boom, Boom

 Each minute counts.

 I push them by,

An unwanted reminder."

Tiny Bell heard the other bell's voices.  She knew where the boy was to be found.  She knew he was in trouble, and so was the puppy.  She wanted to sing, to ring, to toll.  Tiny Bell let herself do what she was made to do.

She sang.

"Hear me ring,

 Hear me sing!

 Come to me,

 Come and see,

 I am with the boy."

She rang.

"Please hurry,

 Please hurry,

 Someone find me,

 Someone find me,

 We need your help!"

She boomed.



 I'm trying so hard

 For you to find me,

 It's all I can do."

On the wind, Tiny Bell heard:

   "What is that sound?"

              "It sounds like a bell, really high pitched."

                        "Quick, it is louder this way!"

A large man picked the boy and the puppy up in his arms and began running to the town.  Tiny Bell sank into the man's comforting jacket.  Voiceless, she rested. The next morning, while the boy and the puppy slept wrapped in a warm blanket, Tiny Bell listened.  The town was silent.   She snuggled against the puppy's chest, feeling no need to be quiet, loud, or important.  She only felt the need to be herself.