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Why should supervisors participate?

The Intern 2 Learn program:

  • Pays 75% of the student intern's wages up to 225 hours in a single semester. Your department is only responsible for the remaining 25%
  • Provides the opportunity to hire and retain student workers through a progressive structure and wage rate.
  • Allows supervisors to be more closely aligned to the mission of the University.

How do supervisors participate?

To learn more about participating in the Intern 2 Learn program, contact the Intern 2 Learn coordinator, Kyle Parsons at 254-968-9740 or by email at for assistance in determining funding availability and developing an intern position and progression. The Supervisor Program Information link to the right provides more detailed information on the program requirements and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the internship participate as a R.E.A.L. experience?

The Intern 2 Learn program has been approved as a R.E.A.L. -Internship Experience. All Intern 2 Learn students will submit an annual reflection addressing the R.E.A.L. student learning outcomes, and a resume as their additional artifact on Chalk & Wire as required by the “Keeping It R.E.A.L.” initiative. The annual reflection and resume is usually completed in the spring semester, but students should check with their supervisor on specific due dates.

Is there a budget incentive for departments to participate in the Intern 2 Learn program?

Yes. 75% of the Intern 2 Learn wages are paid from a University account, up to 225 hours/semester. The hiring department pays the remaining 25% of Intern 2 Learn wages.

Do positions have to be posted on Hire A Texan?

Yes. All Intern 2 Learn positions are posted on Hire A Texan to provide an opportunity for students to apply for internships.

How is Intern 2 Learn different from other student employment programs?

There are several differences:

  • Student interns work in areas related to their core curriculum.
  • Supervisors and student interns meet monthly to discuss the R.E.A.L. student learning outcomes and connect their academics to the work experience.
  • Student interns write and post on Portfolium, an annual reflection addressing the “Keeping It R.E.A.L.” student learning outcomes.
  • Student interns prepare (or update annually) a resume as their learning artifact for the R.E.A.L. experience that is posted on Portfolium.
How do the Intern 2 Learn job progressions work?

Students are able to promote to higher levels of responsibility and pay as their experience and knowledge level grows.

Intern 2 Learn has three progressive levels:

  • Assistant Intern (Title Code 7538): $8.00/hour
  • Associate Intern (Title Code 7539): $9.00/hour
  • Senior Intern (Title Code 7540): $10.00/hour