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Table of Contents, Volume Two, 2005

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Alan Birkelbach
  • An Impromptu View
  • The Man Who Didn't Mean to Take Awa My Faith
  • Like a Bolt
  • Robert Frost Among the Cannibals
  • Vincent Van Gogh Rode with LBJ One Day
  • Skeffington's Daughter
  • Like the Mother Finding Her Daughter's Baby in a Drawer
  • Where All Things Are Fixed
  • The Wife of the Lumberjack King
  • Pinocchio
  • A Bowl

Larry Thomas
  • The Terrible Power of Words
  • Artificial Fruit
  • Bach
  • Holdout
  • Hopper Retrospective
  • Pastelist
  • Sparrow Egg
  • The Atmosphere
  • Winter Trees

Rebecca Bálcarcel
  • Attempting the Impossible
  • Ay, Yolanda!
  • Ave America
  • Boy Picking Flower, Colored by Five-Year-Old
  • Christening
  • Dawn
  • We. the Mortal

Carol Reposa
  • Preface
  • On Lemmings, Ground Beef, and Crayons: One Writer's Life
  • Viewing the Nazca Lines
  • Saturday Night in Lima
  • Costa Verde, Peru
  • Galápagos Soap Opera
  • Surveillance in Moscow
  • Rubles
  • Underground Musicians, Moscow
  • Fire-Gilding St. Isaac's
  • At the Nizhny-Novgorod Depot
  • On the Eve of Departure

Thea Temple

  • Why a Little Culture is Important, or Why I Founded the Writer's Garrett

J. Paul Holcomb

  • The Poetry Society of Texas

Phillip Collins

  • Sedrick Huckaby

Sedrick Huckaby

  • Artwork

Jackie Maclelland

  • Women with a History

Punch Shaw

  • Albany, Texas and the Old Jail Art Center

Diana Lyn Roberts

  • Capturing Possible Realities

Debra Shore

  • Portraits for the Cure

William B. Martin

  • Paying Attention to Dramatic Trilogies

Dennis Covington

  • The Blody Theatre of Texas Mennonites

Neil Ellis Orts

  • The Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company: A Profile in Motion

Michael Remson

  • Making Music Matter:  The Years of Arts Education in Houston

Gary Cogill

  • Primer: So Out of the Box

Dominique Inge

  • The Making of a Texas Garden or Survival of the Fittest

Barry Corbin

  • Preface
  • The Demon Drain

Jim Sanderson

  • Justifying My Existence
  • Hemingway's Lighthouse

Laverne Harrell Clark

  • Why I Write and What's Important to Me as a Writer
  • Their Eyes Were on the Chickadee

L.D. Clark

  • Why I Write
  • Joshua Briscoe

Editorial Comments

  • Donna Walker-Nixon
  • Marilyn Robitaille