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Table of Contents, Volume Four, 2007

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Carmen Tafolla

  • Between the Printed Letters
  • Why I Tell the Story
  • Fragile Flames
  • Betrayal
  • Asked to Translate Monte
  • Flour Tortillas!
  • What to Say to Your Chicano Lover of 25 Years
  • Don't Bury Me Naked
  • Spreading My Mexican Blood
  • Who Speaks in My Back Yard?
  • Curandera, Healer

Paul Christenson

  • Looking for the Other World
  • The First Drink of the Day
  • The Post Oak Mall
  • Friday Nights
  • The Lecture
  • At the Bank
  • In TV Land
  • Cell Phones
  • At McDonald's
  • Where I Go Each Night

Jack Myers

  • Small Steps
  • Someone Else's Shoes
  • What the Old Master Said
  • for Jack Gilbert
  • How Do You Put Up with Me
  • Swerves and Flashes
  • Nose Job
  • Duds
  • The Fried Sex of His Existence
  • Fragments
  • Ches'sed*
  • Dark Matter

Dave Parsons

  • Preface
  • Stepdaughter
  • Drifting In
  • Evidence
  • Fire
  • Lake Lady Dancing on the Hill
  • The Marriage Lost
Biographical Introductory Essay
Charles Behlen
  • What Thou Lovest Well Remains Texan
  • Texas Poetry: "Faire, Foul and Full of Variations" A Conversation with Dave Oliphant
Dave Oliphant
  • Claudio Arrau on Public Television
  • Two Texas Poets Rendezvous at the Bowie Public Library
  • Preface
  • Bees & Blue Salvia
  • Annabella Pretends

Leslie Williams

  • Preface
  • The End, and the Beginning, of Time
  • Song
  • Meaning
  • Tenants
  • Dried Grass
  • Leaving Home
  • To My Father

Carlton Stowers

  • Preface
  • An Excerpt from the 13th Baktun.

Mike Kearby

  • Preface
  • An Excerpt from The 13th Baktun

Judith Segura

  • Barnaby Fitzgerald: A Life in Art

Barnaby Fitzgerald

  • Artwork
Short Personal Essay

Paul Ruffin

  • The Stuff I Write and Why I Write It

Grayson Harper

  • Start with What You Have
  • Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear By Vincent Van Gogh

Robert Anderson

  • On Location with Documentary Production
Biographical Essay
Minnie Norton Browne
  • Dora Lee Langdon

William E. Reaves and Bill Cheek
  • A Renaissance Man of Texas
  • Persuasion: The Artistry of John Bruce "Jack" Erwin
Folklore and Literature

Michael H. Price

  • Folklore and Fiction: The Faces of a Coin
Medical Narrative

Richard M. Zaner

  • A Brief Preface for "It Must Have Rained Hard That Night in March"
  • "It Must Have Rained Hard That Night in March"

Rahim Quazi

  • The Scene and Me (Together Forever)
Nature and Art

Charles Lohrmann

  • Deconstructing the Texas Landscape

Malou Flato

  • Artwork


  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgement


  • Donna Walker-Nixon
  • Marilyn Robitaille