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Role of the Mentor

Academically talented students who are interested in becoming secondary teachers are matched with faculty mentors from their major field.

A faculty mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Be aware of your student’s/students’ academic status.
  • Help your student(s) stay on track to become a teacher.
  • Meet with your student(s) to discuss academic progress and participation in program, a least once a semester and sign student/mentor report.
  • Make your student(s) aware of opportunities for involvement such as student organizations and service learning.
  • Serve as a faculty mentor for research, if appropriate.
  • Attend symposia with your student(s) when possible.
  • Stay connected with your student(s) after graduation and serve as a content resource when needed.

Current Mentors

  • Dr. Jeanelle Barrett
  • Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry
  • Dr. Christopher Guthrie
  • Ms. Tracey Holley
  • Dr. Arthur Low
  • Dr. Daniel Marble
  • Dr. Denise Martinez
  • Dr. Kathleen Mollick
  • Dr. Allan Nelson
  • Dr. Beth Riggs
  • Dr. Troy Robertson
  • Dr. Kathy Horak Smith
  • Dr. Philip Sudman
  • Dr. Thomas Tallach
  • Dr. Rudy Tarpley
  • Dr. Ivelisse Urban
  • Dr. Gray Westbrook
  • Dr. Mallory Young