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Program Details & Requirements

Interested in high school teaching? Consider being a Renaissance Scholar! Renaissance Scholars are academically talented students interested in teaching at the high school level. A 3.0 GPA is required and participation in the Honors Program is strongly encouraged.

Why become a Renaissance Scholar?

  • Meet other future secondary teachers
  • Interact with a faculty mentor in your academic area
  • Increase your eligibility for scholarships
  • Graduate with a unique distinction
  • Attend special fellowship activities
  • Network with educators in public schools
  • Become highly prepared for success in the teaching profession
  • Increase marketability by earning your teacher certification in two fields

If becoming a Renaissance Scholar seems like the right path for you, please fill out our Intent to Participate form. If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Kathy Smith.

Role of the Renaissance Scholar

While at Tarleton State University

  • Maintain and overall GPA of 3.0
  • Seek certification in two teaching areas, when possible
    • Possible multiple certification fields
      • History and English
      • Mathematics and Physics
      • Physical Science
      • Composite Science
  • Participate in Renaissance Scholars Student Organization
    • Attend Renaissance Scholars Student Organization meetings
    • Attend at least one Renaissance Scholars Sponsored Event per long semester
    • Participate in one outreach event per long semester
    • Submit Participation Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Meet with Faculty Mentor at least once per semester
    • Make appointment with faculty mentor each semester
    • Submit Mentor Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Participate in Professional Organization(s) or Programs
  • Participate in Professional Development Opportunities
  • Recruit/Mentor other possible Renaissance Scholars