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Is Grad School The Right Choice?

Career Services

Career Services has many resources available to help you prepare for Graduate School.

Browse Hire A Texan for Graduate Assistant positions on campus.

The MyPlan website is also a great resource.  It includes assessments for career guidance and the resources tools available to students to determine and define different master programs across the United States. The resource tabs are available to anyone, but the assessments are fee based--however, Tarleton students can access them for FREE.  Contact Career Services for the code (254.968.9078).

Wanting to explore a wider range of options after your Bachelor degree?  Check out this infographic.

To view occupational employment and wage estimates, visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Explore the links below for even more information on making the decision if Grad School is right for you:

College of Graduate Studies

Want to be part of the Graduate Program at Tarleton? Check out the PDF below to see all of the different programs offered.

For more information including admission guidelines for the College of Graduate Studies take at look at the website.

You may contact the office at 254-968-9104 or via email at

Curriculum and Instruction

Want to further your career in Education?  Take a look at Tarleton’s Master of Education program with 9 areas of concentration. For further information on the program and descriptions of each concentration area, check out their website.

For questions or further information contact Dr. Susan Erwin at 817-732-7300 or via email at

E-Campus Online Degrees

Have a question on what online degrees are available through Tarleton? Click on the appropriate PDF:

Didn’t find what you were looking for or have more questions on our E-Campus visit their website. You can also contact Dr. Anthony Edwards at 817-382-7496 or via email at

Engineering Technology

The mission of the Manufacturing Quality and Leadership (MQL) program is to provide a pathway for employees who hold degrees in technical and non-technical areas to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be more successful in all areas of manufacturing. 

If this is something that you would like to do, click on the PDF for an introduction into the program. For further information take a look at the website.

Financial Aid

Questions about Financial Aid, visit the department website.

Receive information for graduate students by filling out the Prospect Information Form, found on the website.

For more detail information regarding your special circumstances, contact the office at 254-968-9070 or via email at

Library Resources

Want to know what the library can do for you? Graduate Student, Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant… the library has resources for everyone.  Take a look at different brochures and handouts:

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Interested in an exciting career as laboratory professional? See how Tarleton’s Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science can help you!

For a Thesis Track Curriculum and additional information click on the PDF.

For further information or to contact the department, click on the website.


Are you a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and considering what your options are in regards to graduate school?

Or maybe your situation is a little different click on the appropriate PDF to find more information about the Master of Science in Nursing programs available at Tarleton.

Explore the website for further information or contact Dr. Susan Rugari, Director of the Graduate Program at 254-968-9139.


Find the application for scholarships on the Scholarships Website.

For a listing of available Graduate Studies Scholarships click on this link.

Have more scholarship questions? Contact Shawndi Wilson, Director of Office of Scholarships at 254-968-9922 or at

Tarleton - Helpful Contacts by Department

These individuals can help provide insight and guidance when answering the question: Is Grad School Right for Me?