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Standard Mail (Bulk Mail)

If there are any questions concerning how to prepare or the pricing or Standard Mail, contact the Tarleton Post office for this information.

The size and weight of your mail piece will determine the rates available to you. The processing categories of Standard Mail are letters (which includes postcards), Hats, and parcels. Included in these categories are printed material, booklets, catalogs, newsletters, photographs and merchandise weighing less than 16 ounces.

Regular Rates - This rate is for a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds presented at one time. Each piece must be identical in size, shape, and content. Mailers must have the required permits and complete specific paper work prior to presenting the mailing to the US Postal Service.

Additional discounts are available if the mailing is presorted. Presort is the process by which a mailer prepares mail so that it is sorted to at least the finest extent required by the standards for the rate claimed. Presorting means grouping your mail by ZIP Codes, start by sorting to specific areas (such as a 5-digit ZIP Code), and then work your way up to more general areas.

Making your presort mail piece automation-compatible or machinable is important. Automated equipment can process more efficiently than manual operations, allowing the Postal Service to charge lower rates for these pieces.

Your automation-compatible mail piece should:

  1. Be made of good quality white or light-colored paper.
  2. Contain no sharp or bulk items.
  3. Be readable by automation equipment.
  4. Be sealed securely.

Presort mail pieces that are mailed without envelopes are required to have their open edges fastened together. Seal the open edges at the top of each mail piece using tabs or wafer seals. The seal should be approximately one half inch from each end of the mail piece. Do not staple the open ends; this will cause the mailing to be returned to you. When sealed properly the mail piece will prevent jamming in the Postal Services high speed processing equipment.

Standard Mail (Bulk Mail) will not be accepted on a Monday, Friday, or the day before a holiday. If the mailing is completely prepared by the department staff and all is required of the Tarleton Post Office is completing the paper work, the mailing will be dispatched the next day. If the Tarleton Post Office has to prepare the mailing there will be a minimum of three days to dispatch the mailing.