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Incoming Mail

Tarleton State University Mail Service picks up mail from the United States Postal Service daily at 7:15 AM, Monday through Friday. (University Mail Service also picks up mail on Saturday during the Fall and Spring semesters). All departmental mail is separated and sorted into the proper boxes for delivery by a Mail Delivery Clerk. Except for unusually high volume days, such as Mondays and after a University or Postal Service holiday, all USPS Mail received by 7:30 am is delivered to your department the same day.

A campus box number assignment corresponds to a particular department and location on campus. It determines how your mail is processed from receipt to delivery. Departmental boxes are assigned by the Mail Center manager. University Mail Service evaluates requests for new box numbers solely from the standpoint of mail volume and geographical location. Due to the steady increase in mail volume and growth of departments, University Mail Service must centralize mail delivery stops and box numbers as much as possible. Incoming mail addressed to the University must bear the correct name, department, box number, city, state, and zip code on each piece. The correct address format is as follows:

John Doe
Tarleton State University
Department Name
Fine Arts And Communications
Box Number
BOX T-0320
City, State & Zip Code
Stephenville, TX 76402

USPS Mail received by University Mail Service with a vague or incorrect address could result in a delay of your mail or have your mail considered "Undeliverable As Addressed" and returned to the sender for proper addressing. It is very important to notify people who send you mail of your correct address. If you have questions concerning your campus address, contact University Mail Service for assistance.