Student Disability Services


At Tarleton State University, services to students with disabilities are provided by Student Disability Services (SDS), a part of Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives. The primary purpose of Student Disability Services is to ensure equal access to educational opportunities for those protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related legislation.

Requests for Accommodations

In order to receive academic accommodations, students must identify themselves to Student Disability Services, provide appropriate documentation, and meet with professional staff to discuss specific requests.  First, SDS evaluates the documentation and any related information to determine if the student is a person with a disability. In other words is the student a person who has, has a record of, or is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment that impacts a major life activity (i.e. learning)? Once that is established, the second task is to determine if the provided information supports the request for accommodation. Will the student's access to education be limited if accommodations are not provided? Reasonable accommodations ensure student access while retaining the essential components of the course or program to which they apply. All requests for accommodations are submitted to the Student Disability Services Advisory Committee for review prior to approval.