Student Success Programs 

Advised Admission

Admit one.jpg Some students who do not meet regular admission standards are granted advised admission to the University through the Texan Gateway Program. These students sign an agreement to participate in the Texan Gateway Program to enroll 6 hours during a summer session, earn a "C" or better in all classes to obtain academic "good standing" in order to enroll for the subsequent fall semester. The standards for advised admission are subject to change and questions regarding those standards should be directed to Undergraduate Admissions, 254-968-9125.

Conditions of these agreements involve Student Success Programs in two ways:

  1. Students under advised admission must meet with Student Success Program staff to discuss their academic progress three times a semester; and
  2. Students must attend a Texan Gateway Program Information Session to be held prior to summer semesters, participate in one of two summer sessions, be in academic "good standing" at the end of summer and enroll in the Texan Gateway Program block of courses including DGS 101-University Seminar I during the subsequent fall semester. 
  3. To complete the Texan Gateway Program, students must earn 12 or more credit hours during the fall semester, be in academic "GOOD STANDING", and complete University Seminar I (DGS 101) and at least one mathematics or English course during the fall semester.  Completion in this context means a "C" or better in a developmental course and a "D" or better in college-level courses.

* Course enrollment is dependent upon university mathematics and English placement rules.