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Criteria for Applied Learning Experiences

The requirements for an experience to count as an Applied Learning Experience set forth by the ALE Council are as follows:

  • ALE supervisors provide a clear plan for how the Applied Learning Experience addresses all ALE outcomes.
  • ALE supervisors provide a clear plan for how the applied learning experience addresses all student learning outcomes (SLOs) from the relevant applied learning area office.
  • ALE supervisors will receive Portfolium e-portfolio training.
  • Students will submit at least one written artifact in their e-portfolio that answers, at a minimum, prompts related to the two ALE SLOs.
  • Students will submit at least one additional artifact in their e-portfolio such as a poster presentation or PowerPoint related to the experience.
  • ALE supervisors will provide feedback on the content and quality of the artifact(s) and provide an opportunity for students to improve their e-portfolio content.

In addition, each applied learning office has also established specific criteria for applied learning in their particular area. Contact the ALE area director for additional information.