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2012-2013 Applied Learning Experience

College of Agriculture and Environmental Science

  • TSU CDC Accreditation (Spr 13)-Kimberlee Spencer-Family and Consumer Sciences (IN)
  • Development and Execution of Water Sanitation and Hygiene Research and Education Components for Select Remote Rural Villages in Ethiopia to Reduce Waterborne Diseases (Fall 12/Spr 13)-Dr. Sandra Graham and Nikki Jackson- Agriculture & Consumer Sciences, Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER)-(SA)
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management in South Africa (Sum 13)-Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner - Animal Science and Wildlife Management (SA)
  • Fall Block Internship (Fall 12)-Dr. Wayne Atchley-Agriculture and Consumer Sciences (IN)*

College of Business

  • Employee Services Website Improvement Project (Fall 12)-Mr. Stan Swam- Employee Service/Finance and Administration (IN)
  • ALE Internship (Fall 12)-Mr. Dan Dudley-Management, Marketing, and Administrative Systems (IN)*

College of Education

  • Mentors with Merrett (Spr 12)- Ms. Leslie Mills-Tarleton - Fort Worth Campus (SL)
  • Internship in Exercise Science (Spr 13)-Jennifer Blevins-Kinesiology (IN)
  • Student Counseling Services (Waco campus) (Fall 12/Spr 13)-Dr. Allison Stewart-Psychology & Counseling (SL)*
  • Health and Fitness Testing of Clinical Exercise and Research Facility Clients (Fall 12/Spr 13)-Jennifer Blevins-Kinesiology (SL)*

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

  • Criminal Justice Internships-Waco Campus (Fall 12)- Dr. Shannon Hankhouse - Social Work/Sociology/Criminal Justice (IN)
  • Journalism Internship (Fall 12/Spr 13)-Dan Malone-Communication Studies (IN)
  • Texas Social Media Research Institute Internship (Fall 12)-Dr. Sarah Maben-Communication Studies (IN)
  • Study Abroad to Ireland (Sum 13)-Dr. Moumin Quazi-English and Languages (SA)

College of Science and Technology

  • Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Atmospheric Data Satellite (Fall 12)- Dr. Bowen Brawner-Mathematics (UR)
  • Undergraduate Research (Fall 12/Spr 13)-Dr. Kathy Horak Smith-Mathematics (UR)
  • Educational STEM Engagement (Fall12/Spr13)- Dr. Bowen Brawner-Mathematics (SL)
  • Internship (Fall 12)-Dr. Carol Thompson-Geosciences (IN)
  • Experience and Interact with the International Leaders in the Astronomy Research Community (Sum 12)-Dr. Mike Hibbs-Engineering and Physics (SA)
  • Keeping Populations REAL Healthy (Tarleton Students) (Fall 12)-Mrs. Jean Montgomery-Nursing (SL)*
  • Senior Projects (Spr 13)-Dr. George Mollock-Engineering Technology (IN)*

Division of Student Affairs

  • Career Services Marketing Intern (Fall 12)-Katrina Phillips-Career Services (IN)
  • Transition Mentor Development (Spr 13/Sum 13)-Mr. Mike Barnette-Transition and Family Relations (LD)
  • Transition Mentor Development Peer Facilitation (Spr 13/Sum 13)-Mr. Mike Barnette-Transition and Family Relations (LD)

Division of Curriculum

  • EDU 320 (Fall 12/Spr 13/Sum 13)-Dr. Melissa Becker and Dr. Kylah Clark-Goff-Curriculum and Instruction (SL)*

* Renewal