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Alumni from Thailand visit campus

Thai alumni visit campusTarleton alumni often return to campus. They come to reminisce and remember, to recapture moments lost to the years. But they seldom come from the other side of the world.

That’s what made the May 19 visit by Nopasan Kanokviriyasanti and his wife, Revadee, so special. The Thai couple both graduated from Tarleton with business degrees, Nopasan in 1983 and Revadee in 1984. They visited Stephenville as part of a four-week tour of the United States.

They married shortly after returning to Thailand in 1984. Nopasan then embarked on a successful business career in paper products. Today, he owns Bell Walker Co., Ltd. in Bangkok. The company produces and sells products such as napkins to fast-food restaurants in the United States.

Tarleton remains close to Nopasan’s heart. He still carries his student ID and photos of himself and Revadee as students.

And he fondly remembers several business professors from the early ’80s, especially Dr. Bill Kirkland, who joined the Tarleton faculty in 1979.

“Dr. Kirkland taught us a lot,” Nopasan. “Like how to motivate people, how they think, how to get the most from individuals.”

He said he learned about management practices and having goals and targets, lessons that have proved valuable in his business.

Nopasan added that Kirkland taught him communication skills as well.

“You can’t have one-way communications, in business or in life,” he said, recalling his American education at Tarleton.

Before leaving campus, Nopasan indicated a willingness to host Tarleton students in Thailand for a study abroad experience, saying it would be the perfect way to give back to the school that gave him so much.