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Meet Alexandria Cooper

Alexandria Cooper

Name: Alexandria Cooper
Hometown: Norwalk, California/ Benbrook, Texas
Major: Psychology & Counseling

Tarleton Organizations/jobs in which you are involved:  

I am the current president of Minority Student Leaders (MSL) and an executive board member of the women’s mentoring program, BOLD. I am also a student worker at the Texan Card Office.

Why did you select psychology as your major?

Originally, I chose to major in psychology because I felt it was a broad degree that would allow me to work in any field I wanted. As a first year student I was extremely overwhelmed and unsure of what I wanted to do after college. When I declared my major, I felt that I had set my whole future in stone in only 5 minutes. Now that I am a senior and have taken a plethora of psychology classes, I find that I truly enjoy it. I plan to obtain my masters and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.)

How do you use or incorporate your experience as MSL president and BOLD executive member as a student here at Tarleton?

I have been a member of MSL since my sophomore year at Tarleton, I was elected vice president my junior year and elected the current president during spring 2014. I have also been a member of Bold since the program was started in spring 2013. I have been granted many opportunities because of joining these organizations: I have studied abroad in the Dominican Republic, spoken at conferences, and met some amazing students and faculty. I incorporate my experience with MSL and Bold throughout my life; I was not always the most sociable person but joining these organizations was the first step I took in breaking out of my shell. I am not afraid to put myself out there, get up, and speak to a room/auditorium full of people. I know that I am capable of leading the amazing group of students who form MSL and create bonds with the wonderful women of Bold. I know that after I leave Tarleton, my experience with these two organizations will greatly influence my future success. 

Favorite Professor and why:

My favorite professor has got to be Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason. She is a true inspiration to women everywhere. She is a great mentor and has shaped the way I view education, women’s empowerment and leadership. Without her my Tarleton experience would not be the same. 

Favorite subject to study within your major and why:

My favorite subject within my major is social psychology. I really enjoy learning about the ups and downs of society and social norms within other cultures.

Favorite subject outside your major and why:

My favorite subject outside my major is definitely sociology. Every sociology class I have taken has changed the way I view our society immensely. The best sociology class I have taken is “Gender in Society.” Best class ever.   

Favorite on-campus place to study and why:

My favorite on-campus place to study is the computer lab in MATH 226. It is always quiet and the window in the back room makes studying very peaceful.

Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:

My favorite place to eat/hang out is Agave. They have great food and drinks, and there is always music. The atmosphere there is energetic but relaxing. It is great place to sit and chat with your friends. 

Favorite musicians/band:

My favorite bands are Incubus and Kings of Leon. I enjoy a wide range of music; you should see my iPod!

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