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Meet Rachel Schuster

Name: Rachel SchusterRachel Schuster
Hometown: Cibolo, Texas
Major: Mathematics with Teacher certification
Status: Student

Tarleton Organizations/Job in which you are involved: The Sound and the Fury Marching Band - Drum Major, Renaissance Scholars, Cubic Academy, and Tarleton Educators for the Advancement of Mathematics.

Favorites & Whys

Favorite subject to study within your major and why:

Geometry is my favorite subject because I continue to be fascinated by all the connections that are present between shapes and the many different possibilities there are.

Favorite activity to participate in and why:

I love being a part of the Sound and the Fury. It's always an amazing feeling to put together a show and performing it for everyone. For me, the best part is the sense of accomplishment that I feel when we finish a show and seeing that the audience truly enjoyed the performance.

What are your future career goals?

I plan on teaching High School mathematics. My hope is to become a librarian or maybe even an administrator.

Favorite on-campus place to study and why:

A great place to study is the lobby on the second floor of the math building. It’s my favorite place because there is a nice table with the professor’s offices nearby and the professors are always willing to help.

Favorite out of class book to read and why:

I love reading the Harry Potter series. Every time I read them, I find it easy to become immersed in the story. Also, with every read through, I continue to find new details and connections inside the series that I never saw before.

Favorite Tarleton tradition and why:

My favorite Tarleton tradition is the candle lighting ceremony. It gives a feeling of belonging at Tarleton.  I know my flame shines here.

What one thing about Tarleton impressed you the most on your first visit?

On my first visit, I was impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the people at Tarleton. I was excited to find a small school in a friendly town that had everything I was looking for in a school.

Tarleton has six core values (tradition, excellence, service, integrity, civility and leadership); would you take one of these and explain what it means to you in your own words?

To me, leadership means helping to guide your peers toward a common goal. To display leadership, you not only have to make sure to guide others but to also listen and understand your part in the group.

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