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Student Testimonials

Read about current and past Tarleton Texans. See why we Bleed Purple!

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  • Hank Baldree

    Hank Baldree

    The Theater Program at Tarleton State University provide comprehensive studies in performance, design, and technical elements. Hank Baldree, a sophomore from Lipan, Texas, has immersed himself in his classes which prepare students for a deadline-drive production-oriented career. Tarleton Theater creates an environment that allows students to take creative risks as part of the learning process, and Hank has selected to concentrate on sound design. He is a member of Tarleton Players and represents this group in the Student Government Association House of Representatives.

    Hank took a few moments to talk about his life as a Tarleton student.

    1. Favorite Professor

    My Favorite professor is Prudence Wehnert-Skinner, because I admire her devotion to her students and to the theatre. She has taught me a great deal about technical theatre.

    2. Favorite subject to study within your major

    My favorite subject to study in my major is sound design because I love being able to convey so much emotion through the sounds and music of a theatrical production.

    3. Favorite subject outside your major

    I really enjoy math and physics courses. They have helped me a great deal in the physics and math for the Theatre.

    4. Favorite theater at Tarleton moment

    My favorite theatre moment at Tarleton is when I got to go to the USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology) Annual Convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was able to learn so much from theatre professionals and other theatre students.

    5. Favorite on-campus place to study

    My favorite on campus place to study is upstairs in the Library - usually at one of the computers or back behind the bookcase hidden way in the back. This is normally the quietest place in library and also where I can get more of my work done.

    6. Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out

    My favorite place to eat during the semester is Beans and Franks. It is within walking distance and they have great food and awesome coffee!

    7. Favorite out of class book to read

    Even though I don’t get a lot of time to read outside for class my favorite thing to read are plays - my favorite one being The Scottish Play (Macbeth).

    8. Favorite musicians/band

    My two favorite Musicians would have to be Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. I am trying to become a sound designer and they are the two that really inspire me.

  • Ryan Best

    Ryan Best

    Name: Ryan Best
    Hometown: Elida, NM
    Major: Agricultural Education
    Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved: Tarleton Collegiate FFA, Refuge College Ministry

    1. Favorite Professor within your major and why:
      My favorite professor within my major is Dr. David Frazier. His genuine passion for his students and what he teaches is contagious. He makes me not only want to be a better teacher in the classroom, but a better person in my walk through life. Dr. Frazier is one of the most caring, humble, and heart-felt individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting.
    2. What do like best about living in Stephenville?
      To me, Stephenville is a little town, with a big town feel. There are few enough people that I tend to run into the same folks on a regular basis, but with the bigger chain restaurants and stores, it’s easily got a big town atmosphere.
    3. Favorite subject outside your major and why:
      My favorite subject outside of my major is Content Area Reading. My professor, Jennifer McGregor, was incredibly engaging! She made me see the importance of constantly valuing my students, their answers, and most importantly each of their unique experiences.
    4. How do you use or incorporate your experience as National FFA President as a student here at Tarleton?
      The National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America) has always been a big part of my life, and in 2011 I was given the amazing blessing of serving that organization as its National President. This experience allowed me the opportunity to travel around 102,000 miles; visit 36 different states, Puerto Rico, and Japan; interact with, speak to, or come into contact with about 96,000 high school and college age students; and spend a year representing an industry which has served as the backbone of our country—agriculture. This experience was one which drastically affected my life in many ways, one of which was making the decision to transfer to Tarleton State University. Since making that decision, I have been greeted with enthusiasm here. I have used my experiences as National FFA President here at Tarleton to network and meet new people. Tarleton has some of the most friendly instructors and students I have ever met. It was easy to fall in and feel like a part of the Tarleton family.
    5. Favorite Tarleton Tradition:
      My favorite tradition at Tarleton is not walking on the grass. To me, this shows an overwhelming sense of respect for tradition, our campus, and most importantly one another as we each take part in something which embodies school spirit.
    6. Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:
      My favorite off-campus place to eat is Grump’s. Those are some of the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life!
    7. Favorite movie and why:
      My favorite movie is hands down John Wayne’s “McLintock!” John Wayne is the man, and this movie is one my Granddad and I have enjoyed watching together for many years.
    8. Tarleton has six core values (tradition, excellence, service integrity, civility and leadership); would you take one of these and explain what it means to you in your own words?
      Service is something which has been intrinsically instilled within my life. We each hold the potential to make others’ lives better; it is simply a matter of assessing their needs and acting with love to fill those needs. “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30 NIV) This was his response when John the Baptist was asked to describe his service to Christ. When one considers their own service to others, the philosophy must be similar.  We must be willing to give whatever it takes for those around us to become greater. To give of one’s self completely in service to another is an amazing testament to the devotion of that person’s servant heart. In order to be a true servant, we must make ourselves a servant to everyone in order to gain the confidence, trust, and friendship of those with whom we come into contact. I have never been more sure of something being right than I am of my calling to serve others. 
  • Caryne Hampton

    Caryne Hampton

    Tarleton was not my first choice when I was looking at colleges during high school. My parents drove me to Stephenville for a tour. That’s all it took. I decided that this was the school for me.

    My major is biology. There are a ton of subjects under biology, but I love anything to do with bacteria or viruses. I want to work with them when I graduate and start doing research. While working with these microscopic organisms, I want to study their DNA, learn which part makes us sick and possibly find a way to "turn off" those genes. I currently am doing research with a professor sequencing DNA and learning all the skills that will be useful in my future.

    My Residential Leader really showed me all the amazing aspects of our school and helped me get involved on campus. I now serve as a Residential Leader and love it. This year I went through Greek Recruitment and found a place in the Phi Mu family. I love Katy Perry, and I went to her concert two summers ago. When I have the money to spare, I like to go to Golden China by the movie theatre. The quality of Chinese food is amazing for Stephenville.

    Even though I am involved on campus, my grades are the number one priority. College is about attending classes and doing your best. My favorite professor so far is Dr. Peter Bell from the Chemistry department. He really interacts with the class and makes it very personal. He knows the people who were genuinely interested with the course by name and likes to make inside jokes with the class. He is always willing to go back through a concept and expand on it allowing students to understand it fully.

    I am a very focused student at Tarleton. I am glad that I can show my resident students that there are many aspects to college life here. My parents were spot on, I have grown to love Tarleton and bleed purple.

    Student: Caryne Hampton
    Major: Biology
    Hometown: Leander, Texas

  • Molly Roberson

    Molly Roberson

    “I will never attend Tarleton State University.” Who knew my life-long catchphrase would come back to haunt me? And man, am I glad it did!

    As a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and Event Management (PREM), the career opportunities are virtually endless. From non-profit organizations to corporate businesses, from politics to the music industry, there are countless roads a PREM major can take. The PREM program gives students hands-on experience, allowing us to build our portfolios and improving our chance to land a job right out of college. The faculty care about each of their students and want not only for them to succeed but to push themselves beyond what they ever imagined they could achieve.

    Adding a double minor in Music was no easy task, but the faculty and staff in the Fine Arts Department are very helpful and the students are so welcoming that they create their own little family; a family I am blessed to be considered a part of.

    Involved in Paradigm Bible Study, Two42 Ministries, Phi Eta Sigma, and Delta Epsilon Iota, I have been blessed to have people invest in me and encourage me to get involved on campus and invest in others. Serving as Phi Eta Sigma President and now Senior Advisor opened doors to network with members of the national honors society from universities across the United States. Being involved in Paradigm Bible Study as a member and a third-year leader has granted me opportunities to serve our campus, fellow students, and even residents as far as New Orleans, Louisiana and Joplin, Missouri.

    My experiences as a Tarleton Texan have allowed me to grow as a person and have opportunities I would never have otherwise. You can’t begin to understand the incredible friendships made through each organization on campus or how close-knit of a family Tarleton truly is until you have experienced it first-hand. There’s no better decision than to attend Tarleton State University.

    Once a Texan, always a Texan!
    Bleed Purple, Tarleton State!

    Molly Roberson
    Senior, Public Relations and Event Management
    Stephenville, TX

  • Geri Kline

    Geri Kline

    Name: Geri Lena Kline
    Hometown: Bastrop, Texas
    Major: Agribusiness Management

    Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved:
    Tarleton Economic Society-President, Tarleton Agribusiness Club-SGA rep, Alpha Zeta, Delta Epsilon Iota, Sigma Alpha Pi, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Horticulture Club

    Favorites & Whys

    Why did you select Agribusiness Management as your major?

    I picked Agribusiness Management as my major because I love agriculture. To be a successful ranch and farm owner you must have the business knowledge to make a profit.

    You are the President of the Tarleton Economics Society. What are the goals of your organization and how can other students get involved?

    One of my goals for my organization is to be recognized more around campus as a society that is for people interested in economics.  Economics doesn’t have to be your major to join. The economy affects us all so I think it is important for students to take a interest in it. A way students can get involved is to come to one of our monthly meetings. In the spring semester we will start having meetings every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 12:30 in the Dean’s Conference in the Business Building, room 172. We have speakers from different businesses or organizations to talk to us. Please join us on TexanSync for more information.

    What are your future career goals?

    My career goals are to continue doing something in the agriculture field and to take over my families’ farms and ranch.

    Favorite subject outside your major and why:

    My favorite subject outside of my major would have to be Intermediate Macroeconomics with Mr. Tanter. I enjoy it because Mr. Tanter is such a good teacher and the class explains why the recession happened and how it could have been avoided.

    Favorite on-campus place to study and why:

    My favorite place to study on-campus is the Business Lab. It is quiet and less crowded than the library.

    Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:

    Grumps, because the cheeseburgers are awesome and I love the peanuts.

    Favorite out of class book to read and why:

    I really enjoyed “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

    Favorite Tarleton tradition and why:

    My favorite Tarleton tradition is homecoming and class rings. I love homecoming, everything from the new tradition of the “launching of the ducks “to the bonfire, it is all amazing.  I received my class ring at the ring ceremony so I’m excited to be a part of that tradition as well.

  • Kyle May

    Kyle May

    I chose to attend Tarleton State University because it provide the rich history and special traditions of larger universities in Texas, while still maintaining a personable learning atmosphere. While Tarleton was close to home, living in Stephenville combined the best of small-town living with big-city convenience.  In addition, I met my wife at Tarleton and as alumni, we remain connected to the Tarleton family.

    The sociology program at Tarleton State University not only equipped me with the skills necessary to analyze and explain social behaviors, but also exposed me to my current field, criminal justice. The same practices of observing social interactions and collecting empirical data used in sociology are applied to explain criminal behavior and interactions among criminals, the criminal justice system, and society. My background in sociology and relationships with Tarleton faculty have shaped my worldview in a way that allows me to think critically about the simplest social relationships and the most complex social institutions.

    After graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree, I immediately began work on my Master of Criminal Justice degree while working with Tarrant County Juvenile Service. The job involved working with high-risk juvenile offenders in a secure detention facility. Once I completed the master's program, I began employment at Hill College as an instructor of criminal justice, where I currently teach a wide range of undergraduate criminal justice classes.

    When I reflect on my experiences at Tarleton, I realize that I did not “go” to Tarleton; I “became” a Tarleton Texan. BLEED PURPLE!

    Kyle May
    Alumni, Social Work, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

  • Hannah Moore

    Hannah Moore

    My father, mother and sister all attended Tarleton, where my dad was a member of the Purple Poo. Their experiences and the quality educations they received ahead of their careers as public school teachers made my decision to attend Tarleton an easy one.

    I knew I wanted to become a teacher one day, and after finding out more about the education program, it was obvious that I needed to attend Tarleton. Going through grade school I had teachers who were Tarleton graduates. I heard many stories about how Tarleton has prepared them very well for teaching.

    When I first came to Tarleton I knew I wanted to major in education, with a focus on early childhood through 6th grade. This is my third year at Tarleton, and I am still happy I made that decision. I cannot wait to graduate and be in the classroom.

    The professors here in the Curriculum and Instruction Department go above and beyond supporting their students for success, by using real life experiences and bringing the school classroom to the Tarleton classroom. My professors have the right amount of enthusiasm that is contagious, which makes future teachers confident and excited for teaching.

    I feel as if the College of Education at Tarleton is more of a family and the backbone to my own educational success. I know my professors want to help prepare me to become a self-directed professional and have a systemic understanding of education.

    Since becoming a Tarleton Texan I’ve grown personally by serving as a Tarleton Ambassador, being held to high academic standards by my professors, as well as taking advantage of the many opportunities for professional and career development.

    Looking back, I know I made a great decision and am confident that I will leave the gates of Tarleton prepared for a successful career in educating the next generation of students.

    Bleed Purple!!!

    Hannah Moore
    Interdisciplinary Studies – College of Education

  • Brendan Sar

    Brendan Sar

    Name: Brendan Sar
    Hometown: Saginaw, TX
    Major: Business - Marketing

    Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved:
    Student Government Association (SGA), Sophomore Class Senators, Tarleton Ambassadors

    Favorites & Whys

    Favorite Professor and why:

    My professor for Macro Economics, Dr. Tanter. Professor Tanter makes me want to actually go home and study for fun, crazy right? It’s because he makes class so interesting! Professor Tanter links the blandest definitions of economics to present day criteria as if he was our age, incorporating humor and misc. knowledge. all in an 8am class!

    Favorite subject to study within your major and why:

    Economics, because the only way to understand how the economy works, is if you open your eyes and look outside! Realizing how things work in our economy motivates me to find out what else is out there, and lemme tell yah, there’s a lot!!

    Favorite subject outside your major and why:

    Food, if that’s not subject, it should be! That’s why I want a career where I constantly travel, because new food is probably as awesome as new birthday presents!

    What one thing about Tarleton impressed you the most on your first visit?

    I first visited Tarleton my sophomore year in high school. Being so young, the only thing that caught my attention was the freakin’ awesome rotating garbage wall in the dining hall! Who knew something so simple could be so cool?

    Favorite on-campus place to study and why:

    My room! I’m always surrounded by people who aspire to be a better person. So, what more motivation do I need?

    Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:

    My friends Brandon and Jeremy’s house! There’s always something to do there, plus, it serves as a little get away from school work!

    Favorite out of class book to read and why:

    The DC Universe Encyclopedia! Duh? Every super hero and villain known to man exists in this book!

    Favorite musicians/band and why:

    Christina Perri, why you may ask? Because she’s perfect. I hope you read this Christina Perri!

  • Rachel Schuster

    Rachel Schuster

    Name: Rachel Schuster
    Hometown: Cibolo, Texas
    Major: Mathematics with Teacher certification
    Status: Student

    Tarleton Organizations/Job in which you are involved: The Sound and the Fury Marching Band - Drum Major, Renaissance Scholars, Cubic Academy, and Tarleton Educators for the Advancement of Mathematics.

    Favorites & Whys

    Favorite subject to study within your major and why:

    Geometry is my favorite subject because I continue to be fascinated by all the connections that are present between shapes and the many different possibilities there are.

    Favorite activity to participate in and why:

    I love being a part of the Sound and the Fury. It's always an amazing feeling to put together a show and performing it for everyone. For me, the best part is the sense of accomplishment that I feel when we finish a show and seeing that the audience truly enjoyed the performance.

    What are your future career goals?

    I plan on teaching High School mathematics. My hope is to become a librarian or maybe even an administrator.

    Favorite on-campus place to study and why:

    A great place to study is the lobby on the second floor of the math building. It’s my favorite place because there is a nice table with the professor’s offices nearby and the professors are always willing to help.

    Favorite out of class book to read and why:

    I love reading the Harry Potter series. Every time I read them, I find it easy to become immersed in the story. Also, with every read through, I continue to find new details and connections inside the series that I never saw before.

    Favorite Tarleton tradition and why:

    My favorite Tarleton tradition is the candle lighting ceremony. It gives a feeling of belonging at Tarleton.  I know my flame shines here.

    What one thing about Tarleton impressed you the most on your first visit?

    On my first visit, I was impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the people at Tarleton. I was excited to find a small school in a friendly town that had everything I was looking for in a school.

    Tarleton has six core values (tradition, excellence, service integrity, civility and leadership); would you take one of these and explain what it means to you in your own words?

    To me, leadership means helping to guide your peers toward a common goal. To display leadership, you not only have to make sure to guide others but to also listen and understand your part in the group.

  • Taylor White

    Taylor White

    Name: Taylor White
    Hometown: Stephenville, Texas
    Major: Accounting

    Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved:
    Tarleton's chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, Delta Mu Delta, and Delta Epsilon Iota

    Being a native of Stephenville, Texas, I always pictured myself leaving town after high school graduation and getting a degree from a big college in a new place. My sights were set on a division one university and I spent one semester there before realizing that I belonged somewhere different. When deciding to give Tarleton State a try (at least temporarily) I was confused and unsure of my future. Attending Tarleton was something I never anticipated because I had already spent my whole life in this town, but I was surprised to find “TSU Stephenville” very diverse from the place where I grew up.

    After experimenting with a couple of differing majors, I was finally convinced by College of Business Administration (COBA) dean, Dr. Steve Steed, that accounting was my forte. This might sound strange - but I love accounting. I would have never discovered my knack for the subject had I not chosen to become a Tarleton Texan a few years ago. You simply do not receive the same personal attention and one-on-one time with your instructors anywhere else, as I have witnessed first-hand.

    COBA is full of instructors who truly care about me as an individual and my success in school and in life; a luxury denied many college students today. Because of the time, care, and effort my instructors have put into my education, I feel more than prepared to enter the business world.

    An incredible feature of my degree is the immense amount of options available upon graduation. It is mind blowing to search for internships and catch a glimpse of the doors opened to me because of my accounting degree. The opportunities are literally endless. I also look forward to continuing my education with Tarleton by entering a Master's program in the College of Business this coming fall.

    My classmates and I have learned from some of the best in the business and I am so thankful for this ride - the frustrating parts just as much as the joyful moments. Thanks for the surprising journey, TSU! Bleed purple - always.

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