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Manager Information

For managers, department heads, and travel approvers, the system will automatically route employee travel requests via email notification which will allow for online approval from the pre-trip to post-trip reimbursement cycle.  eTravel provides various ways to approve authorization request and expense reports to keep the travel reimbursement process moving. 

Mobile Apps

Travel Agency Information


Disbursement of Funds Guidelines (Texas A&M University System)

Meals and Lodging

  • Meal and lodging rates: differ depending on whether the travel is in-state or out-of-state. State travel expense reimbursement is not a per diem. An employee must claim the actual expenses incurred for meals and lodging not to exceed the maximum allowable rates. The maximum should not be claimed unless the actual expenditures equal or exceed the maximum allowable rate. The reimbursement limit applies without a carry-over from another day.Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter C, Section 5.22.